Prime MH | Middle hose concept, eletronic fuel pump for service stations

Prime PMH

PRIME MH was designed under an innovative concept of fuel pump: Middle Hose.

These pumps combine the Prime HH high hose fuel pumps' cutting-edge technology, allowing them several upgrades and optional accessories, such as advertisement multimedia screen and fiscal printers, with the Prime LH low hose fuel pumps' hydraulics benefits.

The Prime MH Fuel Pumps offers 1, 2 or 4 nozzles, with a flow rate of 50, 75 or 90 lpm. The 4 nozzle model is able to fuel 4 vehicles at the same time, which means faster customer turnovers and total satisfaction.

The Prime MH Fuel Pump Series provide high performance, durability, state-of-the-art technology and practical features which make the difference in handling and controlling the fueling process. They also are supply-ready for an automation system integration.

Know more about the Prime MH Fuel Pumps Series and its features.

Certified by UL Brazil and approved by Inmetro, the PRIME FUEL PUMPS SERIES are assembled with international quality components and are subjected to strict testing requirements which guarantee perfect operation. Prime Fuel Pumps also provide low operational costs and maintenance due to their highly resistant outer structure which deliver long-term service. Another advantage of this system is the easy access to electrical and hydraulic components, which simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime.

Prime Fuel Pumps Series were designed for gas stations use and offers various models. Which model is the right one for you?

If you need a fuel pump that combines all the advantages of Prime Fuel Pumps with convenience features and state-of-the-art technology, ready for software upgrades, PRIME MH FUEL PUMPS are the best investment for your service station.

Know more about the Prime MH Fuel Pumps and their main features.



  • State-of-the-art computer with integrated CPU and interface.
  • CPU capable of managing 6 communication channels. Standard current loop for automation and an optional RS-485 are include. Other communication options for peripherals are available.
  • Recording of last 54 fill-ups.
  • Recording of last 54 adjustments - dated (electronic calibration).
  • Recording of the electronic and period totals in terms of amounts and liters.
  • Various messages concerning operational errors displayed in the Price Per Liter (PPL) display.
  • Flow rate displayed on the Liter display.
  • Internal clock with a 10 year lifetime.
  • Contains 2 totalizers: one electronic and one electromagnetic for each nozzle of product for double checking.
  • 1" liquid crystal display for increased visibility of readouts.
  • Keyboard in stainless steel with 18 keys and double function selection key for management programming or preset operations. Alphanumeric display in the PPL display indicates programming functions and error messages.
  • Advertisement multimedia screen (optional).


  • Compact (monoblock) ST-UBE model gear pump with built-in  elimination air valve. Contains 2 stainless steel mesh filters and 2 chambers for separating air and gases, providing steady pumping and accurate measurement of fuel flow.
  • Gilbarco C+ meter with electronic calibration and 4-piston positive displacement design with stainless steel bushings which increases the meter durability.
  • High precision solenoid valve for preset operations.
  • Explosion-proof 1 HP triphase electrical motor, 220/380 VAC, 60 Hz. Other options available.
  • Engine designed for continuous operation (ventilated location).
  • Explosion-proof electrical box with cable fasteners.
  • Improved hydraulics: reduced number of electrical connections and wires.
  • 50 lpm flow rate models: automatic nozzle and 3/4" bushing. 
  • 75 lpm and 90 lpm flow rate models: automatic nozzle and 1" bushing.
  • Hose length: 5 meters.


  • Cabinet and side panels fabricated from extremely durable anodized aluminum. This durability is crucial for coastal areas where corrosion from sea mist is a serious risk.
  • Strong and sturdy, with no welding points to reduce corrosion, and rounded corners, providing longer life to hoses.
  • Powder-coated finishing reduces risk of defects in the paint and provides outstanding appearance and toughness.
  • Highly resistant nozzle boot.
  • Hose hanger keeps hose off island.

Fuel pump dimensions: 1.72 x 0.82 x 0.50 m (HxWxD)
Package dimensions: 1.95 x 1.14 x 0.74  m (HxWxD)

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Gilbarco Veeder-Root reserves the right to change one or more specifications of its fuel pumps with no prior notice whenever improvements are made. Be sure to check the current product specifications at the time of purchase.