Flexpay 6 A1-05 Payment Terminal

Flexpay 6 A1-05 Payment Terminal

A fully Customisable user experience with Dynamic multimedia – all in one footprint. 

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The FlexPay 6 A1-05 is an industrial multimedia device, tailor-made for the outdoors. The FlexPay 6 A1-05 is available in pump or as a standalone outdoor payment terminal. It has a graphic screen that can be used to display user prompts, promotional advertising, and encourage upsell.

  • Reduced labour cost for fuel only transactions
  • Increased throughput - allows for faster transaction processing, enabling a higher volume of customers to fill up their tanks in a shorter amount of time. This increased throughput can lead to higher overall sales for the petrol station.
  • Improved C-Store floor space and Traffic Management
  • Increase Fuel Volumes - by offering unattended operation after hours. This extended  operation time can attract more customers and increase revenue
  • Reduced/eliminated drive off loses 
  • Reduced theft verses cash transactions 
  • Use of media to drive in store sales
  • Promote Loyalty Programs - Retailers can integrate pay-at-the-pump systems with loyalty programs to reward customers for their fuel purchases. This integration helps build customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.
  • Competitive Advantage - Offering pay-at-the-pump services can give retailers a competitive edge in the market. Customers often choose gas stations based on convenience, and pay-at-the-pump functionality can be a significant differentiator.

Ease of Integration

  • Retrofit into existing pump, kiosk or stand; any brand
  • Faster, more flexible payment options for all customers
  • A consistent customer experience across all sites
  • Open platform; explore new revenue opportunities for outstanding ROI
  • Protects you and your customers against fraudulent attacks
  • Wide range of applications; indoor/outdoor, attended/unattended
  • Barcode scanning for loyalty redemption (optional)

A consistent customer experience regardless of dispenser model 





Various retrofit kits available for integration with dispenser models

Access a range of online services that save you money, enhance your customers’ experience and let you scale your business like never before. Not only can you connect your Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT) but a range of other devices for the forecourt and beyond! All you need is a broadband internet connection and you’re ready to go.

More Information    Brochure (PDF)