Wetstock Management

Monitoring the fuel cycle as it is delivered to site, stored underground, and dispensed into vehicles - is a fundamental responsibility for all fuel retailers

Gilbarco Veeder-Root have a long history of providing products and services to help our customers achieve first class performance when managing fuel stored underground. Through ongoing refinement and innovation over many years, we strive to make the best tools available to add real value to any forecourt enterprise.

Unlock real, sustainable cost savings

Fuel can disappear through many unseen causes. We aim to make sure that doesn't happen anymore, and if it recurs, that it is identified and corrected quickly.

Safeguard your assets, protect your brand image

In environmentally aware times, fuel storage facilities are under scrutiny. Avoid punitive fines, protect resale values and maintain your good standing in the community.

Free your time, gain peace of mind

Remove the frustration, time burden and cost of chasing wetstock variances and focus more on profitability. Reduce your business concerns, knowing your fuel assets are tightly controlled.

Discover our wetstock solutions