The SK700-II IOD offers an island oriented design with one or two dual hoses on both sides of the lane, eliminating the need to buy a double sided dispenser. It also offers a uniform look with SK700-II and a smaller footprint enabling effective utilisation of a space constrained forecourt.


  • Use for commercial or retail site
  • Modular design offering breadth of configurations and options

Long lasting

  • Galvanised steel frame ensuring strong structure and better corrosion protection
  • Reliable pumping unit and electronics that need minimal maintenance

Complements the SK700-II

  • Consistent and appealing forecourt with the same aesthetics and ergonomic feel as the SK700-II
  • Similar features and options as SK700-II and supports a variety of fuel types

Optional with Gilbarco Veeder-Root's latest technology

  • Reduce fuel losses by using the patented Ecometer™; the best metering solution in the industry
  • Electronic meter calibration saving service engineer time and preventing fraud
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensuring correct delivery of fuel and eliminating potential losses

Pump unit

Global pumping unit

Computer display

Back lit LCD display


930 (W) x 875 (H) x 580 (D) x 2541 (L) mm

Temperature range

-40°C to + 55°C


Gilbarco C+ meter or Ecometer™