Orpak Fleet Solution

Comprehensive Management Solution for Homebase Fuel Sites and Commercial Fleets

  •   End-to-end site control and automation
  •   Flexible, modular and feature-rich
  •   Protect your fuel inventory and increase margins
  •   Field-proven reliability, worldwide footprint
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Orpak Fleet Solutions is the end-to-end automation and management solution for homebase or ‘C&I’ (Commercial & Industrial) applications.

With a range of modular options to suit your business, Orpak’s Fleet Solutions fit in seamlessly into a range of environments, from fixed to mobile, attended to unattended sites, as well as into various segments, including transportation, logistics, municipalities, airports, ports, mining, and more.

End-to-end control

Orpak’s Fleet Solution provides a comprehensive solution from the fuel dispenser or tanker truck to the head office.

It offers fleet managers the power and flexibility to manage their sites, and control distribution via the Head Office, a powerful management tool.

Flexible and feature-rich

Orpak’s Fleet Solution offers a wealth of integration options to suit your unique homebase requirements.

It interfaces with any payment authorisation server:

  • Together with Orpak’s AVI, fleets can use automatic vehicle identification for fuelling authorisation
  • It is also compatible with Orpak’s payment terminals to support various authorisation & payment methods.

Increase operating margins

Orpak’s Fleet Solution allows you to stay in control of one of your most valuable assets: your fuel inventory. With the Fleet Solution you can control and authorise fuelling by vehicle & driver, automate fuel loss monitoring, and receive automated customised reports for 360˚ visibility and control.

Proven reliability, worldwide footprint

Orpak’s robust and field proven products are installed in more than 40,000 sites and 7.5 million vehicles worldwide.

Orpak has over 30 years track record of success and innovation. Part of the Gilbarco Veeder-Root group, Orpak is committed to improving profitability and optimising performance from the forecourt to the head office.

OrIC Prime Island Controller

OrIC Prime Island Controller
The best-in-class homebase controller, this all-in-one standalone pedestal enables forecourt automation with flexible fuelling authorizations. A highly modular solution with various field upgradable add-ons.

OrCU3000 Controller Unit

OrCU 3000 Controller Unit
Designed for complete site automation, the OrCU 3000 is a stand-alone site controller mounted in a sealed and ruggedized metal box for outdoor & indoor installations.

In-pump Integrated Authorization Solution

In-Pump Integrated Authorization Solution
A complete authorisation solution that is embedded within the Endura commercial fuel dispenser, and provide all-in-one homebase solution.

OrTC Truck Controller

OrTC Truck Controller
The mobile fleet fuelling controller specifically designed for installation on fuel tanker trucks. Housed in a ruggedized box for harsh conditions, the unit controls, monitors, and stores on-the-spot refuelling data

SiteOmat360 Station Controller

SiteOmat360 Station Controller Software
Complete and secure site automation software. An enhanced and user-friendly web interface allows you to manage your whole fuelling site, from your fuel dispensers, to your terminals, to your fuel tanks – with just a few clicks of a button.

Fleet Head Office

Fleet Head Office (FHO)
A powerful management tool & po rtal that allows fleet managers to control & authorize fuelling for any vehicle, set limits and restrictions, receive alerts, and generate reports.

Fuel Management System

Fuel Management System (FMS)
The fuel inventory monitoring system that offers complete peace of mind whether you manage one or multiple sites. FMS alerts you to issues requiring action, from critical fuel levels, to leaks and overfills.