Automated Fuel Supply Management Systems for Aviation

Successful aviation fuel management solutions are critical to aviation operations, safety and profitability. If you have both underground and above ground storage tanks Veeder-Root's automated fuel management systems helps you get accurate fuel inventory and manage fuel supply.

Gibarco Veeder-Root offers below ground / above ground rigid probe solutions up to 12 feet in length both wired and wireless. We offer wireless flexible probes from 12 feet to 54 feet in length. Veeder-Root offers the most comprehensive software, probe and sensor offerings to meet your application needs while keeping you in compliance with regulations.

Gibarco Veeder-Root offers turnkey fuel supply management options that include dispensers, management software, meter registers, submersible turbine pumps, and automatic tank gauges.

  • Commercial & Industrial Fuel Pumps

  • Prime LHI-AV | High Flow

    Prime LHI-AV | High Flow

    PRIME LHI-AV is a low hose fuel pump that provides 200 lpm or 400 lpm, the highest flow rate in the market!

  • Atena


    The ATENA Fuel Pump is specifically designed for commercial and industrial use, transportation companies, companies and other establishments which need a dependable fuel pump suited for locations where a supply of electrical energy is not reliable.

  • Subersible Pumps

  • Red Jacket

    Red Jacket

    The Red Jacket submersible turbine pump is ideal for use in supply lines having a long distance between the fuel tank and the fueling station, in facilities with high heads and for applications requiring high flow.

  • Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

  • TLS-450


    The TLS-450 is an automatic tank gauge system that offers advanced technology and resources specially projected to deliver the higher precision in the industry and the maximum flexibility for the full operation of the fuel stations and other factories and...

  • TLS-450


    The powerful TLS4 automatic tank gauge helps keep your sites running…and profitable.
    The TLS4 combines precision performance with scalability, sophistication, customization and ease of use to deliver proven results.

  • Probes Veeder-Root

    Probes Veeder-Root

    The Veeder-Root Magnetostrictive Probe, a by-word in state-of-art gauging technology, was designed to measure fuel inventory of underground storage tanks and aboveground storage tanks (upon request) that require maximum accuracy and reliability for inventory management.

  • Mag-Flex


    The flexible Probe Mag-FLEX is ideal for measuring liquid stocks in vertical tanks up to 15m length.

  • Sensors Veeder-Root

    Sensors Veeder-Root

    The Veeder-Root Sump Sensor detects the presence of liquids in the containment sumps, ensuring your gas station and the environment protection. It is easy to install and compatible with TLS-450, TLS-4, TLS-350R, TLS-350, ProPlus and TLS-300 automatic tank gauge systems.

  • Inventory Management System

  • Inventory Management System

    Inventory Management System

    Inform.NET is a fuel inventory management software solution that any size network of automatic tank gauges can utilize for real-time fuel and compliance management. It allows you to access critical tank gauge information from almost anywhere — laptops, smartphones, computers...

  • Meters & Registers

  • EMR3 Electronic Meter Register

    EMR3 Electronic Meter Register

    The EMR3 Electronic Meter Register is a state-of-the-art product, resistant and easy to operate, and fully capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements, in addition to a wide variety of industry applications.

  • Mechanical Liter Counter

    Mechanical Liter Counter

    The Mechanical Liter Counter is used in mechanical pumps for industrial use, line meters, convoy trucks and garages, as well as other applications.

  • Pulse Transmitters

    Pulse Transmitters

    Veeder-Root Pulse Transmitters (Pulsers) models 1871, 7697 and 7671 were designed to automate the Mechanical Meter Register 7887 and can be used in other applications that require precise emission of pulse signals to a remote display or data system.