TLS-450 Plus

The Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS automatic tank gauge provides the most comprehensive site data for advanced fuel asset management. Combining industry leading algorithms with enhanced security, real-time notification, and anywhere, anytime access, the TLS-450PLUS keeps your site running and profitable.

  • Proven Protection
    Maintain control of your fueling operations using the automated compliance and site management solutions of the TLS-450PLUS to always know the status of your business.
  • Proven Precision
    Remote connectivity on the TLS-450PLUS allows access to accurate wet stock management and leak detection information at all times.
  • Proven Profit
    Operate at peak efficiency with the TLS-450PLUS monitoring system, reducing inventory shortages and site downtime.
  • Proven Partner
    Veeder-Root automatic tank gauges are the high quality wet stock management solutions with a long history of reliability and precision. Our products help achieve results that matter and the protection your business deserves.
  • Web-enabled remote connectivity – monitor your site performance, receive real-time alerts, and access compliance data via web-enabled devices–anytime, anywhere.
  • Faster problem resolution – diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely to understand ongoing situations better and avoid unnecessary dispatch.
  • Customized alarms – preprogram alarm alerts to provide scenario-specific information to predetermined individuals
  • Inspector ready compliance – easy access to all federal, state, and local agency reports
  • Data protection – store up to 3 years of data and protect it from power outages, battery replacements or software upgrades
  • Security controls – switched ethernet networks, customized user access, and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web protection to keep your network safe
  • Enhanced performance – significant improvement over the original TLS-450 with five times the processing power, six times more memory, and twice the storage space. The power you need to expand and add new features as your business grows.
  • Future Ready – add new features as business dictates: Business Inventory Reconciliation, AccuChart, Continuous Statistical Leak Detection, Pressurized Line Leak Detection
  • Remote software download – hassle free access to software updates
  • Compatible with all Veeder-Root Monitoring Systems including wireless systems.
  • With the new TLS-XB Expansion Box, expand your TLS450 Plus capabilities asyou need.
  • System: TLS-450
  • Inputs: 64
  • Tanks: Up to 32
  • Line Leak Testing: Up to 15 Lines
  • Sensors: 64
  • CSLD Tank Test: Option
  • Static Tank Test: Yes
  • Inventory: Stored
  • BIR: Option
  • Reports: 3 Yr
  • Alarms: 3 Yr
  • History: 3 Yr
  • Sensor Status: 3 Yr
  • Printer: Yes
  • Email: Built-in
  • Free S/W Upgrades: Yes
  • Remote Software Download: Yes
  • Universal Sensor Module: Yes
  • Phase Separation: Yes
  • Density Monitoring: Yes
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C )
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 109°F (0°C to 40°C)

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