TLS-RF Wireless 2 System provides basic fuel management, sensor monitoring, and leak detection solutions when hard wiring is not a viable option. Functional for both underground and aboveground tanks, as well as for vapor applications.

By using the latest Veeder-Root wireless communication protocol, it maximizes data transmissions and reduces interference, while delivering a more reliable and consistent data link among the probes, sensors, and automatic tank gauge. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces ATG installation costs for sites without ducting
  • Minimal interruption to business
  • Full ATG benefits available without high investments
  • Continuous tank monitoring

Key benefits:

  • Easy installation eliminates need to tear up concrete to install conduit and wiring
  • Enhanced communication protocol provides improved reliability and reduction in interference
  • Delivers improved data transmission between probes, sensors and automatic tank gauge
  • Improved construction with tighter sealing. Antenna supports broad range of environmental conditions
  • Battery life up to 2 years means less maintenance expense and more uptime
Probes interface Up to 8 probes
Leak Detection Certification 0.76 or 0.38 LPH
Storage Temperature Range  N/A
Operating Temperature Range N/A
Tank Monitoring Up to 4 tanks
Sensor Interface Up to 8 sensors 

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