eFleet (Client - Server)

eFleet is a system designed to control fleet vehicles of any kind. eFleet gives you a useful tool to control fuel consumption of vehicles and / or drivers, and allows you to control all your fuel station network, obtaining detailed information (office by office) remotely.

Our solution implements an on-line system mode, where it gives you:

  • Centralized fleet control
  • Ease of use restriction configuration
  • Check live and available consumption.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Communication with CEM pump control system, for direct capture of consumption information.
  • Quick and efficient reports for your best management
  • Reduce fraud: through its on-line system, with multiple elements provided for your administration, like the possibility to disable different cards.
  • Possibility of having cards containing all fleet user information required to operate in a controlled manner.
  • Defined and customable contingency plan for different types of customers.

Companies can count on daily operation information of their fleet, with account statuses, summaries, and with the benefit of managing their own server, in which you´re the owner of management.

  • Get fuelling registers of each driver, controlling their limits and restrictions.
  • Multiple languages
  • Unified security
  • Contract administration, driver/vehicle identification
  • Unify loading points
  • Pricing policies for different sites
  • Surplus price policies: pumping prices
  • Fleet price policy
  • Ticket printing
  • No limit to fleet size
  • Manage up to 32 loading positions by management core
  • Identification through magnetic strip cards or Fuel ID Ring installed around the vehicle's fuel tank inlet
  • Downloadable reports in standard formats
  • Web access through eFleet Head Office
  • Optional Web TLS integration
  • Integration with the industry´s main pump brands

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