VOX Forecourt Controller

Vox Forecourt Controller is a critical device for your site´s automation and fuel sales control. It’s the newest Gilbarco Latin America state of the art industrial controller. Benefit from a solid state device with ARM ® architecture, Fanless technology no moving parts, ensuring high durability and superlative Uptime.

Fewer components reduce failure points. No PC required. No additional software licenses.

Vox Forecourt Controller: more control, more simplicity.


  • Full control for multi-brand Pump and Dispensers and CNG
  • Built-in 8 independents channels, with galvanic isolation
  • Up to 32 fuelling positions
  • Web Console. TCP/IP connectivity.
  • Native integration with Veeder-Root ATG consoles. Native BIR (Business Inventory Reconciliation) with TLS350R, TLS450, TLS4 consoles.
  • High Efficiency internal Switching Power Supply 100-240VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Embedded UPS, with 2 options of internal batteries, no external UPS required.
  • Low power consumption
  • Just one device required for all your gas station´s control. No additional components needed for operation.
  • Forecourt control with multiple-brand pumps
  • Web access for remote Site control.
  • Ultimate Benefits. Integrated technology.
  • Optimize commissioning and installation times
  • Robust - fewer parts means fewer failure points
  • Native integration with ATG TLS Veeder-Root systems
  • Data protection in case power failures

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