Atlas - Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Atlas Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispenser for Fleet Fueling

Integrating Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into your existing fleet management system is an exciting new business opportunity that’s easy with Gasboy. Our Atlas® DEF dispenser is designed with the user interface that’s already familiar to your drivers. And it uses the same system interfaces as our standard Atlas dispenser, so it works seamlessly with your existing Gasboy® fleet management system and applications.

The Atlas DEF dispenser comes in two configurations: a Cold Weather Model and a Warm Weather Model.

  • The Cold Weather model has a thermostatically controlled heated hydraulic cabinet with internal hose storage and an enclosed heated nozzle hang-up designed to prevent DEF freezing and crystallization. The Cold Weather model is rated for installations down to -30ºC.
  • The Warm Weather model is intended for warm ambient temperature locations with an unheated hydraulic cabinet using conventional nozzle boot and hose hanger. The Warm Weather model is rated for ambient conditions down to +12ºF.

Both models are Weights and Measures approved and use a stainless steel Coriolis Mass Flow meter with no moving parts for exceptional accuracy and reliability. With stainless steel tubing and DEF resistant hose, the Atlas DEF models have several inlet options compatible with either underground tanks or above ground skid pallets.

  • Compatible with existing Gasboy fleet management infrastructure
  • Designed specifically for the unique characteristics of DEF
  • Cold Weather and Warm Weather models available
  • Weights & Measures approved with a Coriolis Mass Flow meter

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