Platino Point of Sale (POS) System

Platino is our POS (Point of Sale) solution for gas stations and convenience stores. Integrated with our forecourt controllers, they solve all your billing needs offering total site control, improving your customer loyalty.

The Plaino POS solution has different modules that interact according to your business´s needs:

  • Site Master: It´s the site server containing the database and all your site´s configuration; performing statistic reports, and site management.
  • Platino POS High End : Full functionality POS with an outstanding Graphic User Interface. 
  • Platino POS Mid Range: EFTPOS terminal based POS. Provides basic POS functionality through countertop terminals.
  • Platino SPOT: Integrated Pay@Pump solutions


  • Full wet & dry product sales.
  • Online connection with fuel pumps.
  • Simpified process for Shift and End of day Closure
  • Electronic Payment integration capacity
  • Cashier events registration
  • Proven product delivered peace of mind
  • Features designed for lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to use touch-screen reduces user errors, speeds transactions
  • Improved standardization through multi-lingual capability
  • Rich promotional functionality increases sales
  • Features like fiscal receipt printers help you comply with regulations

Site Master:

  • Site setup
  • Wet & dry product management
  • Pricebook, price list and promotions
  • Product categories and bar codes
  • Cutomer & payable account management
  • Users, cashiers and attendants management
  • Security, passwords, roles.
  • Taxes
  • Issue of a wide range of reports and statistic information

Platino POS High End :

  • Touch-screen GUI
  • Wet & Dry billing
  • Sales receipt, sales refund and returns
  • Online connection with fuel pumps
  • Multiple tender options
  • Paid In / Paid Out
  • Shift, day and month closures (Billing emission complement).
  • Prepay – preset fuel sales
  • Stock management

Platino POS Mid Range :

  • Wet & Dry billing
  • Sales receipt, sales refund and returns
  • Online connection with fuel pumps
  • Multiple tender options
  • Shift, day and month closures (Billing emission complement).

Platino SPOT

  Platino SPOT provides the easiest and most integrated solution for Self-Service operation and electronic payment. It allows integration with cash payment. This system provides a modular approach to EMV and PCI compliance. It increases throughput and convenience with easy to use pay@pump and pay@terminal solutions. Fully-integrated technology.

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Intuitive graphical interface that reduces the learning curve.
  • Integration with other operative areas (office and services) in a single billing point. Native integration with our forecourt controllers (Pump Controller)
  • Third pary BackOffice integration – HeadOffice integration. ERP integration.
  • Easy use: it can be used through any of its flexible platforms (Island Terminals, dataphones, administrator PCs configuration and site control)
  • Platino consolidates service and maintenance expenses, thanks to a single supplier

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