Electronic Line Leak Detection | Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Electronic Line Leak Detection

Solves your mechanical Leak testing Problems
Intelligent electronic systems virtually eliminate "False Alarms" Self-diagnostic system - eliminates the required functional testing for mechanical leak detectors. No site shutdown to perform 0.38 lph test

Saves you money
Electronic systems have long life expectancy with less moving parts to fail which saves you time and money. Cost savings typically present a 2-3 year payback on investment

Lower your installations and maintenance costs
PLLD Sensor installs directly in sub-pump. No need to break down pipe work. Integrates with TLS-350 and TLS-350R Tank Monitoring Systems.

Automatic & Continuous testing

  • V/R Patented Measurement Technology
  • Tests lines at full pressure for greater accuracy
  • Automatic line testing after each dispense
  • Third party certified to exceed US EPA performance standards - 100% probability of detection, 0% probability of false alarms

Line test options

  • 11.4 lph gross line leak testing
  • Ultimate Testing - 0.38 & 0.76 lph continuous
  • Risk Management - 0.38 lph on-demand, 0.76 lph continuous
  • Base Compliance - 0.38 lph on-demand


  • Mounts directly in mechanical leak detector port
  • Compatible with Red Jacket and FE submersible turbine pumps
  • Easy to retro-fit to existing STP


  • US EPA Certified 100% probability of detection, 0% probability of false alarms
Automatic and Continuous testing 100% probability of detection
0% probability of false alarms
Line test options Gross line leak testing: 11.4 LPH
Ultimate testing: 0.38 & 0.76 LPH continuous
Risk management: 0.38 LPH on - demand
Base Compliance - 0.38 LPH on- demand
Piping Diameter and length Up to 3" fiberglass
350' max. of 2"
150' max of 3"
Operating temperature -25° to + 130°F
Line flow rate 70 gal./min. max.
Compatible fuels Unleaded gasoline
Leaded gasoline
5% methanol/ 95% unleaded
10% ethanol/90% unleaded
15% MTBE/ 85% unleaded
Jet fuel
Aviation gasoline