VaporTEK Vapor Recovery Solutions

VaporTEK Vapor Recovery

Veeder-Root’s new portfolio of vapor-collection solutions, VaporTEK, sets a new standard of performance and reliability in vapor recovery equipment. This portfolio is the most flexible Stage II vapor-collection solution on the market, with configurations available to meet compliance all across the country. And our best-in-class piston technology ensures the reliability you need and the durability to last. The solution’s compact size is ideal for retrofits, and a new dispenser installs and operates in a whisper.

Key features:

  • Most flexible vapor-collection portfolio on the market
  • Best-in-class piston technology (2X smaller than current integrated piston)
  • Exceptional reliability and durability
  • Quiet operation and easy to install 

Key benefits:

  • Most flexible vapor collection portfolio. Configurable to specific country A/L thresholds
  • Best-in-class piston technology. Exceptional reliability and durability, quiet operation, and designed to operate in adverse environmental conditions
  • Compact size. Ideal for retrofit and new dispenser applications. Compatible with occasional liquid contact
  • Upgradeable. Future-proof to accommodate for changing regulations
  • TUV performance certificates. IECEX, ATEX and PCEC safety approvals

VaporTEK Pump Specifications

  • Flame Arrestors (Type Ex IIA) integrated into the inlet and outlet ports
  • Multiple mounting orientations for easy installation
  • Synchronous brushless DC motor
  • 50/60 HZ frequency
  • 230V single phase
  • 1.2 Amps at maximum rpm
  • 2950 rpm maximum motor speed
  • 95 liters per minute maximum flow rate capacity
  • 59 decibels noise level
  • IECEX, ATEX, and PCEC safety approval

VaporTEK Controller Specifications

  • 230V input power
  • Two AC line voltage dispenser hook signal connections
  • RJ12 connection to VaporTEK Interface

VaporTEK Interface Specifications

  • 24VDC input power
  • 0-24V hook signal input for both sides of the dispenser
  • Liquid pulse signal input for both sides of the dispenser
  • Diesel suppression capability
  • Multiplex capability for multi-product dispensers or suction pumps
  • USB port for PC connection
  • RJ-12 connection to VaporTEK Controller
  • Diagnostic LEDs for troubleshooting
  • VaporTEK Datasheet (576047-180 Rev B)
  • VaporTEK Installation Training Presentation -
  • VaporTEK Operations Manual -

TUV Performance Certificates

  • VaporTEK Basic with AVRN - A/L 13.1
  • VaporTEK Plus with AVRN - 85-13.2 GER
  • VaporTEK Plus with Elaflex - 85.2.172 GER
  • VaporTEK Enhanced with AVRN - 85-13.3 GER
  • VaporTEK Ultra with AVRN - 85-13.4 GER

Safety Certificates

  • VaporTEK IECEx SIR 11.0067X Iss 0
  • VaporTEK Sira 11ATEX1144X Iss 0