LPG Premier Range Submersible Turbine Pump | Gilbarco Veeder-Root

The most efficient way to pump LPG
Maintain optimum flow rates quietly to enhance customer experience, pump LPG greater distances, gain flexibility in station design and eliminate vapour lock conditions.

Lower installation and maintenance costs
Lowest total cost of ownership with simpler installation, lower maintenance costs and less power consumption than alternative solutions.

Proven quality and durability 
Solid construction using high quality components means the Premier family of submersible pumps has built a reputation for reliability and durability in thousands of LPG applications worldwide.

Red Jacket Premier

  • Entry level option for lower flowrate requirements
  • Flowrate 70 litres per minute at 7bar.

Red Jacket Premier MidFlow

  • For LPG refuelling applications with low to intermediate flow requirements
  • Flowrate 100 litres per minute at 7bar.

Red Jacket Premier HiFlow

  • For higher capacity installations such as commercial vehicle fuelling facilities and bottle filling plants
  • Flowrate 150 litres per minute at 7bar.
Model Premier Premier MidFlow Premier HiFlow
Flow rate at 7 Barª 70 litre/min 100 litre/min 150 litre/min
Flow rate at Maximum Efficiency 70 litre/min at 6.8 bar 130 litre/min at 5.8 bar 130 litre/min at 8.1 bar
Flow rate at 4 Barª 100 litre/min 170 Litre/min 190 litre/min
Motor Vac 380-415 380-415 380-415
Hz 50 50 50
Hp 3 3 5
KW 2.2 2.2 3.7
Pump stages 21 17 24
Unit Length (mm) 1506 1506 1896
Unit Weight (kg) 39 39 48