TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauge System


The Veeder-Root TLS4 and TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) help keep your sites running profitably. These ATGs combine precision performance with scalability, sophistication, customization and ease of use to deliver proven results. The TLS4 and TLS4B ATGs provide real time access and automated alerts to critical site information, anywhere in the world. Ensure your site is running at peak performance with a TLS4 Series ATG.

Purchase the TLS4B today with basic application software and enjoy the option to add additional features later as your business grows or as regulations change.


The TLS4 and TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauges are the premier wet stock management solution. They deliver accurate, crucial information, including:

Centralized Device Management (CDM)
A server-based ATG software package supporting remote upgrades, backups, and snapshot captures for the TLS4 Series consoles.

Advanced technology that provides best-in-class tank chart calibration, delivering the most precise picture of your inventory all day, every day. AccuChart reconciles tank tilt, dents and out-of-round tank conditions.

Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)
Improve business decisions by combining meter transaction sales with AccuChart to better understand site variance.

Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD)
Robust 0.76 lph monthly tank leak detection that avoids site shut down to run compliance tests. Static Leak Detection (SLD) – 0.38 lph.

Data Logger
The built-in data logging capability in the TLS4 and TLS4B enables advanced wet stock management and enhances feature performance by providing improved data transfer capabilities.

Temperature Compensated Volume
Sophisticated algorithms compensate for the impact of temperature on product volume delivering a precise inventory picture.


The Veeder-Root TLS4 and TLS4B monitoring systems use sensors, probes and advanced software solutions to deliver accurate wet stock and forecourt information. They protect your fuel assets whether you are on-site or off-site.

Web-Enabled Remote Connectivity
The TLS4 Series ATGs offer anytime, anywhere access via web-enabled devices to monitor site performance, providing peace-of-mind by delivering real-time alerts, compliance reports and variance analysis.

Partitioned Networks
Two built-in Ethernet switch networks protects point-of-sale data from the public internet domain.

Data Protection
Up to 3 years data storage that is protected in the event of a power outage, battery replacement or software upgrade.

Reduced Risks
The TLS4 and TLS4B eliminate manual tank dipping, reducing exposure to harmful fumes and minimizing forecourt access.

Customized User Access
A user-configurable login enables deployment of company specific security controls and procedures. Advanced Sensor Technology compatible with existing Veeder-Root sensors and probes.

Timed Sudden Loss Detection
Monitor changes in inventory due to theft during quiet periods via programmable scheduling.


The compact and powerful TLS4 and TLS4B monitoring systems are extremely easy to use. View, configure, and control these ATGs using the GUI, or using web-enabled to manage multiple locations remotely, to improve efficiency and save money. High-end features include:

Color Touch Screen
Easy, clear navigation provides real time access to critical site information.

Faster Problem Resolution
Context sensitive help allows remote troubleshooting and diagnosis preventing unnecessary dispatch and more efficient service calls.

Customized Home Screen & Favorites
Ease of use saves operator response time.

Customized Alarms
Preprogrammed alarm alerts provide scenario-specific information to predetermined individuals to increase efficiency and improve site operations.


Founded over a century ago, Veeder-Root is the global leader of automatic tank gauges, backed by an unmatched service network. Around the globe more than half a million petroleum marketers and commercial fueling businesses enjoy increased profits and protection of their fuel assets with Veeder-Root solutions.

Our proven company history, combined with the highest precision levels in our wet stock management tools, delivers results that matter. The performance, prevention, and protection you need. The partner you deserve.

  • Maximum Tank Probes: Up to 6 Mag Plus or Mag-FLEX probes (can be mixed)
  • Intrinsically Safe Probe / Sensor Inputs: 6
  • Sensors: Up to 6 of any one type (excludes PLLD)
  • Relays / External Inputs: 2 Relays, 1 External Input (built-in)
  • Communication ports bult-in:
    • 2 serial ports, RS232 / RS485 (2-wire) configurable
    • 1 Ethernet
    • 2 USB
  • SLD Static Tank Testing: Optional with Mag 1 / Mag 2 probes in underground tanks
  • Delivery detection and reporting
  • Data Storage & Available Reports: Up to 3 Years
  • Network Printing
  • No Display Console Version: Optional
  • Email: Built-in
  • Data Logger Functionality (Insite360): Built-in
  • Remote Software Download: Yes (requires console registration)
  • Density Monitoring: Yes (requires Mag Plus Density Probes & Float Kits)
  • Phase Separation: Yes, with Phase-Two 4” floats
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
  • New features for later in 2015:
    • TSL Timed Sudden Loss detection: Optional
    • VR2 Vapour Recovery Alarm Monitoring: Optional
    • IFSF over TCP/IP
    • IFSF LON (estimated availability early 2016)