Red Jacket DEF Pumping System

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Experiencing total site control and optimizing DEF flow has never been easier.

The revolutionary Red Jacket DEF Pump is a complete fueling solution designed to deliver the highest flow and maximum performance for sites that dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Whether you are delivering DEF to one or sixteen nozzles simultaneously, the Red Jacket DEF Pump combines the benefits of Red Jacket’s pressure technology with unique design features to deliver DEF more quickly, safely and reliably than any other pump.

Key Benefits

  • Unique design with motor above tank and removed from flow path delivers 2x more flow than other DEF pumps
  • Superior motor capable of more than 30 start/stop cycles per hour for peak fueling at busy sites
  • Superior pressure management with built-in pressure relief prevents premature nozzle shut-off and extends motor life
  • Motor located outside of the tank is easy to service and protects DEF quality against overheating and contamination
  • Meets ISO 22241 requirements for DEF applications

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Designed for DEF. Maximum Reliability. Better Flow.

  • Delivers 2X more flow than other DEF pumps above 7 fueling points. Built-in pressure relief prevents premature nozzle shut-off by maintaining safe line pressures and enables continuous run without motor failure.
  • Advanced motor engineered to handle more than 30 start/stop cycles per hour for busy sites. Two thermal overloads provide additional motor protection.
  • Stainless steel shaft and core encased in polypropylene provides the optimal balance of Structural integrity, corrosion resistance and weight

Less Downtime. Less Maintenance. Less Risk.

  • Locating the motor above and outside of DEF tank eliminates the need to open the tank or break hydraulics during service. This saves time, minimizes repair requirements and service expenses, and reduces the risk of debris or water entering the tank.
  • Motor does not come into contact with DEF, avoiding risk of overheating or contaminating precise DEF solution.
  • Pump has redundant seals to prevent DEF contamination
  • Built-in check valve can be locked down for line tests and service, and lifted to drain product back to the tank.
  • Designed to meet ISO 22241 requirements for DEF
  • Red Jacket 3-day lead time and 2-year parts and labor warranty