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You've invested your future in your station. That's why we created a future-ready dispenser for you.
Here's what makes LatitudeTM the best solution for station owners looking for a better, new-age dispenser.






& Usability
EasyView display to reassure customers they're getting exactly what they've paid for. The bold and clear display increases customer trust and turns them into loyalists.

The display of the LatitudeTM fuel dispenser is clear and shows in big and bold letters with bright backlights both money and volume of the fuel dispensed. Unique inclined display panel improves display visibility making it more convenient for a person sitting inside a vehicle.

Opti-flow Hydraulics give a 10% increase in suction lift and a 7% increase in average flowrate. A faster flow ans better profits. It’s that simple.
Opti-flow Hydraulics with improved suction performance ensure that the flow of fuel, cars and revenues at our station never slows down. You can now potentially dispense from deeper tanks and don't need to keep large dead-stock inventory.
Powersafe Electronics that minimize dispenser breakdown. We've made the LatitudeTM fuel dispenser tolerant of power fluctuation.

You can't control the quality of power your station receives, so we've made the LatitudeTM fuel dispenser sturdy and efficient enough to withstand harsh power conditions. We've extended the voltage range of the power filter to 90V-380Vac for sustained operation.

Security of your assets was one of your biggest concerns. So we made it ours. We have made the LatitudeTM fuel dispenser tamper resistant.
We addressed security concerns with a series of features like intelligent electronic boards that communicate with each other over secure protocol and do not allow any foreign components to tap into them. The industry recognized Gilbarco Veeder-Root SIP pulsar stops fueling for any pulsar lift-off scenarios.
We've reduced wear and tear on your most important asset. Your employees. Over 6o% of attendants complain about fatigue. Not anymore.

The LatitudeTM fuel dispenser's design positions user interface components like keypad, hose, nozzle, etc. at an ergonomic height and location suitable for hundreds of operations throughout the shift. The more comfortable your employees feel, the more profit they generate.

Experience LatitudeTM in 360°
Over the next few years, the needs of your station and your customers will evolve. So will LatitudeTM fuel dispenser.

The LatitudeTM series from Gilbarco Veeder-Root is the next generation of dispensers to fuel you into the future. With 5 different configurations to choose from, the LatitudeTM series offers you the freedom to tailor, scale and future-proof your dispensers to meet your specific and ever-changing needs.


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Gilbarco Veeder-Root creates the retail and commercial petroleum industry's most comprehensive suite of flexible, adaptable, long-lasting products in order to solve our customers' business challenges while building their bottom lines, and we back them up with the industry's best services and field support for peace of mind.

The South East Asia headquarters are situated in Singapore with regional representation throughout the region.

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