Frontier Series

A Frontier for every retail site.

  •   More accurate, low drift meters.
  •   Resilient hydraulics to perform in extreme environments.
  •   Series II pumps and dispensers or high throughput sites, delivers high quality performance along with security, reliability and image.
  •   Series l pumps and dispensers for high to medium throughput sites requiring functionality find the high hose model a reliable choice.
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The ART of dispensing

Gilbarco’s latest metering technology and wear-resistant materials provide long-lasting rust prevention. Series II offers

superior performance and reliability. Series I serves the basic dispensing needs of modern service stations reliably and consistently.

The Frontier Series captures the ART of Dispensing with trusted Asset Protection, tested Reliability and a Timeless Image. Frontier is designed as a flexible platform to meet a range of fuel dispensing needs.

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Asset protection

  •   More accurate, low drift meters.
  •   Resilient hydraulics designed to perform in extreme environments.


  •   Theft protection with personalized padlocks.
  •   Extended lab & field testing ensures consistent performance.
  •   Tamper-resistant electronics with proprietary interface protocol.
  •   Global manufacturing facility assures world-class products and services, and state-of-the-art test facilities deliver quality and craftsmanship in every design.

Timeless image

  •   Durable frame construction and advanced materials.
  •   Advanced materials and coatings for long-lasting consumer appeal.
  •   Aggressive testing provides premium rust resistance and colour endurance.

Models in this range

F160Ideal for low throughput sites or cost efficient independent owners.

F210High to medium throughput sites that needs consistent reliability.