EMR4 Electronic Meter Register

Electronic meter registration for bulk fuelling

The EMR4 is designed to be installed or integrated with any meter as a custody transfer approved electronic meter register for mobile and stationary bulk fuelling. Replacing the previous generation EMR3, the EMR4 system is comprised of two separate components: The Register Head, and the IB Box. These core components, along with a series of accessories, allow the user to configure a system that meets their specific needs on the delivery vehicle, loading rack, or other liquid dispensing application.

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Automation of data to eliminate loss

EMR4 ensures that capturing and transmitting transaction data is seamless and simple. Automated data capture, whether direct from the EMR4 or via wireless with Datalink, guarantees the integrity of all delivery data and reduces loss due to antiquated and manual processes. What does this mean for you? No more lost, missing, or mis-written paper tickets.

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Versatility to make integration simple

EMR4 was designed to simplify operations for its users. With up to two display heads per IB, multiple communication ports, programmable relays, pulse outputs, temperature compensation, OBC commands for remote control, and much more built standard into every register, EMR4 provides the versatility required for integration into any type of application.


Security to keep assets and operations safe

EMR4 offers the necessary security to keep your fuelling assets safe. With a proprietary operating system and optional settings to prevent unauthorized access, the EMR4 eliminates tampering and theft and keeps track of every drop of fuel. Until authorized by built-in password protection or through a peripheral security device, EMR4 will not allow a delivery without proper authorization, protecting your bottom line.

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Key Features

  • Dual Register Head System - Simultaneous operation with one IB box.
  • Global Weights & Measures approval for installation anywhere in the world.
  • UL, ATEX, IECEx certified.
  • Class 1 Division 1 certification for approved installation in all mobile and stationary applications.
  • Built-in USB for easy, 3-step software upgrades. Software upgrades continuously available on veeder.com at no charge, assuring your system can grow with your needs.
  • Two RS-232 communication ports for easy access to data and/or remote control.
  • Built with integrated Wi-Fi for future wireless accessibility.
  • System design is adaptable to all meters.
  • Optional Electronic temperature compensation
  • Currency and volume Preset Deliveries.


Approvals  World-wide weights and measures approval 
Certifications  UL, ATEX and IECEx approved 
Safety Rating  Class 1 Division 1 – Approved for both stationary and mobile applications 
Communication  3 I/O Com Ports (RS 232/485) 
Built-in Wi-Fi for future wireless accessibility
Networking  Daisy Chain up to 32 Register Heads in one network 
Temperature Rating Display Head: -40° to 60° C
Calibration Type  Single or Multi-Point Calibration for exceptional accuracy