Site-level forecourt management software.

Ligo is a fuel-only point of sale (POS) and is the heart of the frecourt, providing a complete and secure site management package. Ligo is an embedded fuel point of sale (POS) and back-office system (BOS) within the DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller and is accessible from any web-enabled device. It’s designed for forecourt management without a conveniance store and is the ideal site-level management software.

Ligo's forecourt management software includes a rich array of intuitive and easy-to-use management and reporting modules, designed specifically to ensure a flawless site-level operation that maximizes fuel and dry good sales at the isle.

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Automated reconciliation. From any device.

Ligo fuel point of sale (POS) enables site to cloud real-time management and visibility of your forecourt.

  •   Manage all aspect of the site; Users, customers, products and attendants.
  •   Controls the forecourt: dispensers, payment terminals and fuel tanks.
  •   Records all site activity: transactions, inventories, payment and shifts.
  •   Gives local or remote access: PC, smartphone or tablet.
  •   Support site configuration, operational mode, and equipment.
  •   Forecourt management software enabling site-level reconciliation without a conveniance store.
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Integrated Forecourt Management System


BOS: Back Office System

  •   Retail forecourt management covering all aspects of operations in real-time.
  •   Pricing and product catalogue.
  •   All wetstock management functions.
  •   Employees and shift management.
  •   Customer management with local accounts.


  •   Access locally or remotely using any browser or mobile device.
  •   Real-time view on station operations, sales, inventories, shifts.
  •   Easily generate report covering all activity aspects.

POS: Point of Sale

  •   Pump and tank real-time status and control
  •   Dry item sales in the forecourt
  •   An integrated part of the back office system (BOS)


Product Pricing

Fuel and dry goods pricing

Fuel inventory management

Wetstock management

customer management

Local accounts and customer management

Forecourt devices

Support forecourt devices


cash management

Shifts, attendants and cash management

Method of Payment

Cash, card, coupon or any other method of payment


Full site control from outdoor payment terminal (OPT) or web access with reporting

Dry item sales

Dry item sales and inventory management


Improve operational efficiencies and productivity with the simple to use Ligo. Staff can monitor site activity and carry out their tasks in the kiosk or from the back office without needing to physically access the forecourt.

Increase customer throughput with Ligo, easily and securely. It provides the reporting and functionality you need to quickly identify stock loses and makes configuration changes quickly and efficiently.

With Ligo, you can configure a wide range of operating modes for the site. This allows you to provide a customized user experience, while still controlling your site and protecting your stock. For example, support for pre-pay and post-pay; night and day modes.

With the Ligo reporting engine, you have access to a wealth of data to figure out the performance of your site. It provides provides comprehensive reports with the information you need to ensure daily results.

  • Attendant sales report
  • Attendant sales summary reports
  • Pump wise sales report
  • Tank inventory report
  • Stock reconciliation report
  • Shifts report
  • Alarm report
  • Event log report
  • Fuel sales report trend
  • Custom reports
  • Delivery report