Ergo™ 75 Nozzle

Highest flow, maximum comfort, increased reliability

Gilbarco Veeder-Root engineers designed the Ergo 75 nozzle from scratch to create the best-performing, most ergonomic and durable, ¾-inch retail prepay nozzle on the market today.

With the lowest pressure drop and highest sustained flow rate available, it ensures rapid fueling and a better customer experience — regardless of who is pumping and how many pumps are in use. The lightweight, streamlined nozzle is designed for customer comfort and ease of use in one-handed operation.

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Highest Flow Rate

The lower the pressure drop, the higher the flow rate. That means a faster fuel fill-up and better performance across all your dispensers. With a unique horizontal valve train creating a path of least resistance, the Ergo 75 has the highest sustained flow rate of any nozzle — even when multiple pumps are in use at the same time.

Durability and Longevity

Through in-house testing, we put the Ergo 75 through its paces — more than three million, to be exact. That’s three times the test cycles conducted on competitors’ nozzles. Specialized materials and premium components add protection and hold up to heavy use and extreme temperatures.



Premium Ergonomics

The Ergo 75 was inspired by the human hand, so it’s no wonder it looks different than any other nozzle. Its sleek design weighs in at only 2.15 lb. — the lightest-weight nozzle on the market. Everything in the design makes it easy to hold and easy to use, while also lifting the appeal of your forecourt. The Ergo 75 is light and ergonomic, but what you’ll really notice is its extremely low lever force and unique one-finger, hold-open clip. It’s a better fueling experience for every customer.



  • -40°F (-40°C) to 125°F (52°C)
  • 3 million cycles of testing
  • 7.6 psi pressure drop (at 10 GPM) on the ¾” prepay gasoline nozzle
  • 2.15 lb weight
  • 4.1 lbf lever force
  • One-finger, hold-open clip
  • Trickle-flow control
  • No-pinch hand space
  • Dual poppets
  • Reinforced vac-port tip
  • Durethan® BKV 130 lever guard
  • Stainless steel-reinforced spout tip
  • Pressure-sensitive