Retail Forecourt Automation Solutions

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Gilbarco Veeder-Root is the retail fuel industry leader in cutting-edge petrol station or forecourt management software, systems and solutions that are optimized for the c-store environment. We use our 30+ years of forecourt and c-store experience to bring our customers the fastest growing, yet scalable, solutions in the industry. Offering scalable, modular forecourt management and automation solutions that are suitable for all forecourt architectures and network sizes, it's easy to start small and upgrade as you grow.

Scalable & upgradable automation solutions

The DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller is the gateway to your automation journey and offers a broad range of connectivity features for complete and reliable control of all your forecourt devices. Expanding is easy, simply add a hardware interface module.

Simplified selling, suitable for any site architecture

Choose between a fuel-only or C-Store combined Point of Sale (POS) system, Back Office System (BOS) and Head Office Solution (HOS) to control every aspect of your site or network, no matter the size or complexity.

Bundled offerings for complete forecourt management

Maximize up-time and increase productivity with a scalable, up-gradable forecourt management solution. The Compass Bundle offers wetstock management, site control and forecourt reconciliation in an easy-to-use web-based portal.

An automation solution for every forecourt architecture.

Managing sales and shifts, checking inventories and deliveries and ensuring that your forecourt is safe are some of the few reasons why the forecourt environment is challenging.

Forecourt management presents many challenges and maintaining all elements of the forecourt environment is time-consuming and challenging. Taking wetstock inventory from tanks, sales reconciliation, calculating deliveries and managing attendants are just some of the daily responsibilities required for effective fuel management.

Take control of your site or network with our forecourt management and automation solutions:

  •   Detect and reduce fuel losses.
  •   Maximise uptime
  •   Increase productivity and efficiency
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Scalable solutions that grow with your business.

We offer fully scalable solutions that allow for various network configurations. From fuel only stations to high volume and C-Store stations. Network configurations are based on a Head Office solution connected to various solution configurations in the forecourt. Fuel only configurations are simplified with a Fuel POS solution.

Whatever the configuration, all sites gain valuable site level data with the DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller as the common element installed in the station.


Integrated, bundled solutions for complete reconciliation and visibility

The Compass Bundle offers wet-stock management, site control and forecourt reconciliation in an easy-to-use web-based portal and is completely upgradeable to Retail Head Office (RHO) to provide a clear, real-time and centralised Head Office view to analyse performance and make the right business decisions.

COMPASS is a technology bundle consisting of our TLS4B automatic tank gauge, DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller and LIGO embedded forecourt management software.

Consisting of Back Office (BOS), Point of Sale (POS) and reporting system, Ligo is embedded within our DOMS PSS 5000 and provides a complete wet stock management solution at site level.

  •   Improves business performance
  •   Upgradable and scalable
  •   Integrated for simplicity and control
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Discover our retail forecourt automation solutions

DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller

Passport Suite Point of Sale POS

TR 500 Tag Reader

Ligo Fuel Point of Sale

TR 1000 Pay-at-the-Pump Terminal