Compass Forecourt Management Bundle

Compass Bundle: Integrated Forecourt Management and Fuel Reconciliation

Maximize uptime and increase productivity with a scalable, up-gradable forecourt management solution. The Compass Forecourt Management bundle offers wetstock management, site management and fuel reconciliation in an easy-to-use web-based portal to help you make the right business decisions. Consisting of a Veeder-Root TLS4B automatic tank gauge, DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller and LIGO fuel Point-of-Sale (POS) and management software, the Compass bundle helps you start your journey to forecourt automation.

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Integrated for simplicity and supportability.

The Compass forecourt management bundle offers wet-stock management, site control and fuel reconciliation in an easy-to-use web-based portal and is completely upgradeable to Retail Head Office (RHO) to provide a clear, real-time and centralised Head Office view to analyse performance and make the right business decisions.

Compass is a technology bundle consisting of our TLS4B automatic tank gauge, PSS 5000 forecourt controller and LIGO embedded forecourt management software.

Consisting of Back Office (BOS), Point of Sale (POS) and reporting system, Ligo is embedded within our DOMS PSS 5000 and provides a complete wetstock management solution at site level.

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The Compass Bundle Explained

Ligo Fuel Point-of-Sale

Ligo Fuel Point-of-Sale Management Software

Ligo is an embedded Fuel Point-of-Sale (POS) and Back Office System (BOS) within the DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller and is accessible from any web-enabled device through a web portal. It’s designed for forecourts without a C-Store and is a site management tool. BOS functionality includes pricing and product management, dry and wet stock management, and user and shift management. POS functionality includes real-time pump and tank status and control, as well as dry item sales in the forecourt.

TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauge

TLS4B Automatic Tank Gauge

The TLS4 series has become the most installed console in its segment and provides features such as a colour touch screen. It connects tank level status, leak detection levels and network printer. The TLS4B monitors up to 6 probes and sensors and provides comprehensive wetstock data for complete fuel inventory management. Combining industry-leading algorithms with enhanced security, real-time notification, and anywhere, anytime access, the TLS4B keeps you in control of your fuel stocks.

DOMS PSS 5000 Controller

DOMS PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller

The DOMS PSS 5000 is the most reliable and proven best-in-class performance controller on the market, with fast deployment of the features needed to maximise your business’ return on investment. It interfaces to 3 times more forecourt equipment than any other FCC, and interfaces to 24 ATG’s and 78 different pumps and dispenser brands and types. The DOMS PSS 5000 is installed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Your Integrated Forecourt Management Solution

Maximize uptime

  • Remote control from anywhere
  • Real-time alarms
  • Inventory management

Minimal fuel loss

  • Delivery-record process enforcement
  • Fuel reconciliation
  • Cash management

Increased productivity

  • Attendant performance report
  • Eliminate tank dips
  • Pre-configured and remote price change
  • Improved site management, control to improved efficiency
  • Existing customers maximize their past investment and can upgrade easily to complement their existing DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller or Veeder-Root automatic tank gauging installation to get the complete Compass solution.
  • Each Compass element opens a wide range of options for further extension and expansion - a truly scalable solution.
  • PSS 5000 can be upgraded from time to time for new equipment
  • TLS4B has numerous software options as well as hardware sensors
  • Ligo embedded software can expand to C-store Point-of-Sale (POS) and a complete Head Office Suite through Retail Head Office software.

Ligo embedded software is the central point of command that interfaces with our forecourt controller and automatic tank gauge. It provides Back Office System (BOS) and Point-of-Sale (POS) functionality at the same time. Being a web application, Ligo is accessible from any web-enabled device hence removing the need for a dedicated onsite PC.

Compass installation and configuration is quick and easy; one technician and one session for all components; a pre-configured, plug and play solution.

LIGO, the Fuel and Outdoor POS is embedded in the forecourt controller

  • The user interface is accessible through any web-enabled application.
  • Record daily sales, deliveries and inventories for wetstock management.
  • Generate up to 10 standard reports on sales and operational performances.

BOS: Back office system

  • Retail fuel service site management covering all aspects of operations in real-time.
  • Pricing and product catalogue.
  • All wetstock management functions.
  • Employees and shift management.
  • Customer management with local accounts.

POS: Point of sale

  • Pump and tank real-time status and control.
  • Dry item sales in the forecourt.
  • An integrated part of the BOS.


  • Access locally or remotely using any browser or mobile device.
  • Real-time view on station operations, sales, inventories, and shifts.
  • Easily generate reports covering all activity aspects