Submersible Turbine Pump - Red Jacket Maxxum 6"

The Red Jacket Maxxum 6" offers High level of reliability as it operates inside the tank under ideal working conditions, submersed in fluid which constantly cools and lubricates the motor

Eliminates Vapour Lock
Vapour locking has become a major problem with suction technology, however the maxxum 6" has been designed with global components to eliminate the likelihood of vapour lock.

Line Leak Detection
The Redjacket Maxxum 6" operates seamlessly with the Gilbarco Veeder-Root's ATG systems. Each time the dispensing -cycle ends, the lines are automatically tested for substantial leaks of over 11.4 litres per hour in for maximum environmental protection


  • Highest flow rate of any 6" fixed speed STP
  • Redesigned flow path reduces flow restrictions

Environmental Proctection

Mechanical or electronic line leak controlled by TLS monitoring system with automatic shutdown for maximum environmental protection.

Compatible with Gilbarco Veeder- Root PLLD which does not only eliminate leakages but also saves you money
Vapour recovery pump driving port

Transducer port for electronic leak detection.

Service and Installation benefits

  • Easy to service and install with safe electrical yoke disconnect
  • Easy termination of pump wiring in conduit box
  • Quick removal of extracta pump head
  • Quick accessibility of check valve
Models 3 & 5 HP models
50 & 60 HZ models
3 phases
Power 6" horse powers
Line pressure and Vent Port 1 and 2 available
¼" NPT
Line leak detection Automatic tests for substantial leaks - 11.4 litres per hour
Vacuum siphon port 1 available
Vacuums generated up to 25 Hg
Length Fixed length only
Adjustment Range Static pressure range adjustable from 0 to 40 PSI (2.8 bar)
Model Red Jacket 4" Red Jacket 6"
Compatibility Diesel
100% Gasoline
80% Gasoline with 20% TAME, ETBE or MTBE
0-100% Ethanol
0-100% Methanol
Alternative fuels

Gasoline with up to 20% alcohol

Flow rate 150 LPM - 300 LPM 600 LPM to 1000 LPM
Monitoring applications Vacuum Sensor siphon Vacuum Sensor siphon
Atmospheres Class 1, group D atmospheres Class 1, group D atmospheres