Industrial & Mining Solutions

Complete control of your industrial and mining fuel operation

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Industrial and Mining Fuel Management Solutions provide expanded, end-to-end coverage of fuel operations at industrial or mining sites, from the tank, dispenser, bowser or tanker truck to the head office. Our tailored solutions provide fleet and site managers with the power and flexibility to manage their sites, control distribution, monitor fuel levels and report accurately at multiple sites and fleets from one central point.

Any site with its own operated fuel station requires thorough management capabilities. Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers complete industrial and mining site automation solutions, enabling the management of fuel inventory at multiple sites and providing critical insight and alerts.

Wetstock Management

Delivery Control: Automate the delivery process, reduce human error and validate Oil Company billing.
Trade Control: Introduce a single point of reconciliation for all fuel dispensed on-site.
Tank Control: Monitor tank levels in near-real time, with automated alarm management.

Site & Refueling Management

Fixed Site Control: Introduce tight control over site dispensing and reduce unauthorised refuelling.
Refueling Control: Ensure that authorised assets receive fuel to track cost allocation & fuel efficiency.
Bowser and Mobile Bowser Control: Apply standard processes across fixed sites and mobile bowsers.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Ordering and maintaining tank levels.
Delivery receipting, verification and escort.
Bulk storage facility reconciliation.

Facilities Service and Maintenance

Asset Management (Asset identification, Maintenance of asset database).
Maintenance Services.

Understanding fuel losses

Losses before product reaches your site

This can account for up to 50% of losses at a site


Temperature differences
Product theft during on-road transport
Product contamination during on-road transport


Must have a delivery inlet meter
Must be calibrated
Must be independent of product supplier
Must electronically tie into financial recon

Losses through on-site activities

This can account for up to 50% of losses at a site


Transactions not recorded or inaccurate volumes recorded
Manual systems manipulated to balance
Unauthorised vehicles loading fuel and fuel syphoning


Must prevent unauthorised refueling
RFID electronic tagging
Produce electronic data for use
Must reconcile each shift to ensure accuracy