Modern design fuel dispenser for up to 4 fuel grades.

  •   New age design: Fresh design that attracts more drive-ins to your station
  •   Scalability for future expansion: Protect capital investment for future innovations
  •   Powersafe Electronics: Perform in varying power conditions.
  •   Security of your assets was one of your biggest concerns. So we made it ours.
  •   Unparalleled Security: Protect your assets as well as brand equity from tampering instances
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The Latitude series from Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers a comprehensive suite of features to guide your business into the future. Engineered for efficiency and security, but designed for convenience; Latitude will exceed expectations at every step of your customers' journey.

A fresh design that attracts more drive-ins to your station. The Latitude’s modern, uniform design has been carefully crafted to enable an engaging experience that drives forecourt traffic, fosters loyalty and grows with your business. With 5 configurations to choose from, the Latitude series offers you the freedom to tailor your dispensers, future-proof your business and enable endless possibilities.

Latitude’s improved security features confirms our commitment to your needs and includes eLock asset protection, encrypted communication protocols and secure pulsar design to prevent fraud or tampering.

Engineered to tolerate harsh voltage fluctuations, Latitude has been engineered with an enhanced power filter. The voltage range has been extended from 90V to 380V to ensure sustained operation.

Protect your capital investment for future technology innovations:

Remote management:

  • Remotely access dispenser information virtually from anywhere
  • Faster problem resolution through Insite-360TM secure cloud monitoring

eSecure Locks:

  • Prevent unauthorised access to assets on forecourt
  • Remote traceability and visibility to control access