It's the ideal solution for sites looking to reduce downtime and costs of unnecessary repairs.

Catlow's Cam Twist Breakaway is the only Breakaway that allows a simple disconnection, inspection and reconnection through advanced magnet technology. This way, you can remove and inspect for damages, corrosion and degradation easily without causing service disruption and costly fuel dispensing accidents to your equipment. This gives you a quick return of investment. You can also access cheap low-section replacement in cases of drive-offs.

  • Available for 3/4”, 1” and High Flow. Available units for all ¾ ", 1", Vac-Assist and combined applications with Cam Twist breakaways
  • UL / ULC, CARB Certifications, also complies with NFPA 30A
  • Easy to inspect, Cam Twist Breakaway no "remove by" date
  • Patented Snap-Back magnetic Technology
  • Manages severe line shock (hydraulic hammer) situations without separation. Pull force “sweet spot” at 225 lbs.
  • Up to one year warranty.
  • Patented internal design components
  • Works with any hose length