The ultimate dispensing solution

Technologically advanced with state-of-the-art electronics, the SK700-II is designed to give your forecourt the edge by providing unrivalled security, industry leading accuracy, renowned reliability and a supreme end-user experience.

  •   Security matters
  •   Real versatility
  •   Industry leading accuracy
  •   Renowned reliability
  •   Unbeatable experience
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Give your forecourt the edge

  •   Future-proof with ability to upgrade and retrofit a wide range of options
  •   Flexible dispensing with a wide range of fuels such as standard and alternative fuels including AdBlue®, Ethanol, Biodiesel, LPG and CNG
  •   Renowned reliability with German engineering and build ensuring lasting quality electronics and components
  •   An unbeatable user experience with superior hose handling and hose retract
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Unbeatable experience

Your customers’ experience matters. With the definitive end-user experience of an SK700-II dispenser, your forecourt has the advantage over the competition.

  •   Large enhanced display
  •   Lowest noise suction pump in the industry
  •   Longer reaching hose
  •   Applause Europe multimedia ready

The perfect finish

Customise the appearance of the SK700-II to suit your forecourt with long-lasting stainless steel or curved panels for a completely customisable finish.

  •   Hydraulics panels
  •   Hydraulics cover
  •   Hose column

Industry leading accuracy

Tried and tested our optional innovative metering device, the Ecometer™, provides the lowest meter drift.

  •   Maximum reduction in meter drift
  •   Less calibration needed
  •   Over 300,000 Ecometer™ installed in Europe

Security matters

The SK700-II has the security you need. Providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are safe against tampering and fraud.

  •   Secure Interface Pulser (SIP)
  •   Password protected electronics
  •   Sensor controlled doors
  •   Vibration sensor

Industry-leading quality and longevity

German built in state-of-the-art production facilities, our robust components give you peace of mind that your dispenser is there for the long haul.

We use high quality electronics and galvanised steel so our reputation for proven reliability is sure to stand the test of time, and so is your dispenser.

With our operations spanning the world, you can be confident about serviceability and availability of parts, no matter where you are.

“One Measure” electronic calibration means quick diagnosis and servicing for reduced forecourt downtime.

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Models and alternative fuels

SK700-II CNGThe compact and flexible solution for dispensing CNG

SK700-II LPGThe most widely used alternative to petrol and diesel in Europe

SK700-II AdBlue®Proven to meet the rigorous demands of AdBlue® filling

SK700-II IODIsland oriented design with one or two dual hoses