Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauges

Powerful, accessible and
flexible wetstock management

Comprehensive fuel management compliance, wetstock management and visibility solutions. For large networks. For single sites. Packed full of features, the TLS4 series is ready and equipped to put you in control of your most valuable asset.

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Fuel management platform to grow your business

The Veeder-Root TLS4 series Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) provide comprehensive wetstock fuel site data for advanced fuel management. Combining industry-leading algorithms with enhanced security, real-time notification, and anywhere, anytime access, the TLS4 series keeps your site running and profitable.

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TLS4 series

For medium to large sites

For small to medium sites

For large sites or sites utilising pressure technology

Expansion box


*TLS-450PLUS can be connected to a maximum of three TLS-XB expansion boxes.
**TLS4 can be connected to a maximum of one TLS-XB expansion box.
***TLS-450PLUS and TLS-XB inputs are designated by the number of USM (universal sensor modules) and UIOM (universal input/output module).
The TLS-450PLUS and each TLS-XB can accommodate a maximum of four modules in total. Each USM has 16 universal inputs and each UIOM has 5 output relays, 5 high voltage inputs and 4 low voltage inputs.

Advanced Features

Accuchart™ BIR/HRM

AccuChart™ Tank Calibration software creates a precise tank chart to further reduce fuel variances. Utilise multiple reconciliation features to track all fuel inventory as it enters or exits in each of your underground tanks, regardless of delivery or dispensing activity

Continuous Statistical Leak Detection

Sophisticated statistical analysis that continually tests for tank leaks. During each idle period, data is collected for a highly accurate leak detection database. Allows for continuous site operation.

Time Sudden Loss

Peace of mind offered by continuous monitoring of inventory loss due to theft during quiet periods.

Remote connectivity

THE PLUS VIEW is a free mobile app for Android and Apple iOS that connects you directly to tank gauge data no matter where you are. Managers and owners can easily monitor their fuel site inventory and alarms while they are off-site.

Take action to resolve on-site issues remotely by connecting to settings and diagnostics on your ATG using via a web browser. View your site's status, run reports and make adjustments without being on-site.

Centralized Device Management
CDM is a server-based software package to manage your entire network of sites.

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Keep your data secure

Software Updates

Keep ahead of increasing security threats with routinely updated operating software. Gilbarco Veeder-Root is also setting the industry standard when it comes to software deployment, including new tools like Centralised Device Manager that manages console software updates across a network.

System Security

Designed to limit system vulnerabilities, the TLS4 series segments security for optimal protection. This includes the use of partitioned Ethernet Ports to separate trusted network from the internet, and the ability to reassign or control the availability of ports.

Custom User Access

Implementing a program for securing user access helps to reduce risks directly on the gauge. Using front panel security, username and password requirements, and predefined or custom user roles to assign permissions, the customer user access features support better data control.

Access your data whenever, wherever.

  •   Clear access to data via a large colour touchscreen
  •   Easy to use, intuitive menu operation
  •   Online ATG access and control anywhere, anytime
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Protect your site, the environment and your reputation.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s TLS4 series of tank gauges offer a host of features to give you peace of mind. These include:

  •   Leak detection
  •   Range of sensors
  •   Delivery verification
  •   Automatic alerts