Automatic Vehicle Identification


Refuel safely. No need for cash, cards or physical touch.

Automatic Vehicle Identification by Gilbarco Veeder-Root is an RFID fueling solution, where the vehicle is the means of payment. An easily mounted RFID unit, installed next to the fuel inlet, enables immediate payment authorization when the nozzle is inserted into the fuel inlet while ensuring that fuel only goes into the authorized vehicle’s intended tank. AVI eliminates the need for cash, card, or coupon payment and allows self-service refueling. AVI has been deployed on more than 7,500,000 vehicles globally and offers a new comprehensive offering featuring Nano-design technology.

Benefits for Oil Companies

AVI provides retailers with the strongest loyalty tool, introducing innovation and an outstanding fueling experience through simplicity and speed, while protecting its fleet customers from potential misuse associated with other fleet payment solutions.

  •   Deepens fleets’ loyalty to the operating oil company, expanding the market share and increasing the sales volume
  •   Strengthens the brand image by providing service innovation
  •   Increases station throughput by shortening fueling time and queues (true seamless self-service experience

Benefits for Fleets

AVI introduces significant control of fuel expenses to fleets, whether fueling at their homebase sites or at a retail station.

  •   Clear cost saving: ensures that fuel will only be dispensed to the intended tank, and with the right fuel type and grade
  •   A second authorization option (driver tag, PIN, mobile app) is available for a higher level of security
  •   Fleet efficiency: Odometer and engine hours’ readings can be combined to monitor fuel consumption, as well as to schedule maintenance and control mileage
  •   Ease of control with limits and restrictions: Allowing fleet managers to define volumes, fueling frequencies and allowed timeslots, and to receive alerts on irregular fueling or abnormal consumption patterns

Unmatched loyalty for oil companies, maximum savings for fleets

Automatic Vehicle Identification provides peace of mind that fuel is dispensed only into authorised assets. AVI creates the strongest loyalty between the fleet and the retailer, unmatched by any other fleet payment solution, with 100% of transactions being exclusive to the retailer.

Watch the video to see how you can increase loyalty

If you seek additional security in your fuelling, add our driver tagging option to your AVI system. This feature will allow you to identify both an authorized driver and an authorized vehicle for each fuelling transaction. The account management software can be configured to allow for one vehicle to be driven by one or many drivers…..and for one driver to be authorized to drive one or many vehicles.

Gas Station

Fuel Station


  • No human intervention (faster, simpler, more accurate)
  • Security that fuel goes into correct vehicle (protect fleet owner costs)
  • Sends alerts on unusual behaviour and fuel consumption.

+Verification & Flow

  • Provide a unique offering that benefits fleets, ensuring they stay loyal
  • Make the fueling transaction, payment, and invoicing process easy and convenient
  • Build new revenue streams (offer accounts, services, deliver data, and invoicing fees)
  • Benefit from pre-paid accounts (the float)
Fuel Station


  • Automated operations with real-time insight on fleet and fuel status.
  • Complete control of fuel usage while reducing fuel expenses, misuse, and losses.
  • Automated, card-free system to enable fuel purchase at participating retail service station.




Solution Components

Vehicle Units

Vehicle Units

  •  An RFID device installed near the fuel inlet
  •  Includes secure payment data
  •  Removal protection mechanism
  •  Passive device – no power needed
  •  ‘Ring’ or ‘Cube’ form factor
  •  Easy to install, fits any vehicle
Passive Tags

Passive Tags

  •  Limited control.
  •  Reader sends signal to the tag using an antenna.
  •  Tag receives this information and resends this information along with the information in its memory.
  •  Reader receives this signal and transmits to the processor for further processing.
Data Units

Data Units

  •  Transmitter connected to OBD/ CAN-bus
  •  Odometer & Engine hours – Basic
  •  Additional data (maintenance, driver behaviour) – Plus
  •  Wirelessly transmits data to station network
  •  Fast installation and configuration
  •  For light vehicles or heavy vehicles
  •  Auto detect (CAN Bus), no calibration needed


  •  Independent GPS odometer reading and vibration activated hour meter
  •  Independent 2 wire installation ensure the unit can be installed on any vehicle or asset without voiding OEM warranties
  •  Full trip logging with breadcrumb reporting, recording active and idle time
  •  Over-the-air (OTA) meter reset capability
  •  Accurate vehicle readings independent of vehicle factors, allowing remote resetting to align to vehicle actuals
OrIC Prime Island Controller


  •  Long life, no moving parts.
  •  Industrial temperature spec. with no requirements for extra cooling
  •  Maximize forecourt uptime
  •  Lower skilled maintenance and costs…install and leave
  •  Safe shutdown + fast restart (no lost data)
  •  Robust towards unstable power conditions
  •  Power isolation – avoid blown boards
  •  RTOS based (no OS lockups)
  •  Data Security & no virus
  •  Few updates required
Gateway Terminal

Gateway Terminal

  •  Secure station wireless network for the Nozzle Reader & DataPass
  •  Uses 802.15.4 (Zigbee) over 2.4GHz frequency
  •  Full station coverage, from single unit to mesh architecture
  •  Mesh technology providing high availability, reliability in all conditions
  •  Remote maintenance and firmware updates.
Nozzle Reader

Nozzle Reader

  •  Self contained wireless compact transponder
  •  Battery life 2-3 years, field replaceable
  •  LED indication
  •  Extremely durable and reliable
  •  Effective removal protection / Tamper detect
  •  Fits any nozzle type, holster and vehicle inlets
  •  Innovative ‘grip’ mechanism
  •  Certifications: ATEX zone 0, FCC, CE, UL

Ultimate speed and simplicity of use

AVI eliminates the need for cash, card, or coupon payment and allows self-service refuelling. AVI offers the fastest refuelling experience and with no need for special authorization means, fleets benefit from less dwell time, providing measurable value to fleet managers and owners.

Maximum savings and security for fleets

AVI ensures that the correct grade of fuel is dispensed solely to the fuel tank of the authorised vehicle. Removing the nozzle and trying to fuel another vehicle immediately suspends fuelling activity.

A 2nd authorisation option (driver tag, PIN, or mobile app) is available for even greater security. Fleet managers can also easily set limitations and restrictions for ultimate control and peace of mind.

Proven reliability, worldwide footprint

AVI is the chosen RFID technology for 7,500,000 vehicles and 40,000 stations worldwide.