Endeavor Fuel Pump | Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Endeavor Fuel Pump

Gilbarco’s entry-level offering of singles and duals made in our wholly-owned China facility. Combines global technologies with competitive manufacturing to deliver a high value solution; experience Gilbarco quality even on a tight budget

Great price
Manufactured in Gilbarco’s low cost facility

Lowest price among Gilbarco comparables

Meets regulatory requirements (OIML complaint, ATEX version available)

Gilbarco world-wide quality standard

Uses Gilbarco’s CFT meter

Gerotor pump

Full range of options

Basic design and functions
One or two hoses, one or two fuel grades

Available as dispenser or pumps

Reliable performance proven
Galvanized external panels for more than 7-year life

3M graphics stickers on the panels to avoid color fading out

Three filters ensuring clean fuel

Security system
Physical sealing for key components, Meter, Pulser and Electronic-mechanical totalizer (EMT)
Software protection to add security level

Optional low model with the height of 1510 mm

Optional white backlight displays for attractions

Optional 6 digit display (1 inch) for Unit Price

Optional stainless steel washable 30u or 75u spin-on filter

Optional intelligent preset fix button (programmable and accumulated)

Optional In-built printer to print the receipt with product information, fueling transaction data, vehicle number, etc;

Optional electronic calibration software

Optional customized graphics

International reputation products with key components Gilbarco patented
Gilbarco CFT meter

Gilbarco Gerotor

Gilbarco Two-wire protocol