Fuel management software solution

LIGO is the heart of the fuel station, providing a complete and secure site management package that runs on DOMS FCC hardware.
It covers all aspects of site operations in real-time and is suited for any operation model: COCO, DODO, & CODO, as well as any business logic.
LIGO Back Office Solution & Site Operations Management Software includes a rich array of intuitive and easy-to-use management and reporting modules, designed specifically to ensure flawless operation and maximize fuel and dry good sales at the isle.
Fully integrated with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Retail Head Office, the solution allows forecourt to cloud real-time management and visibility according to the operational model of the site.

  • Fuel sales – supports any fuel scenario and station business logic
  • Customer management with local accounts
  • Employee and shift management
  • Product pricing updates and catalogue management
  • Inventory management of fuel & dry items
  • Dry stock sales at the isle
  • Manage events and alarms for any topic that requires the manager’s attention
  • A rich set of reports that cover all aspects of site operations
  • From any web enable devices
  • Unlimited user access
  • Manages all aspect of the site: Users, customers, products and Attendants
  • Controls the forecourt: dispensers, payment terminals and fuel tanks
  • Records all site activity: transactions, inventories, payment and shifts
  • Gives local or remote access: PC, smartphone
    or tablet
  • Supports any site configuration, operational mode and equipment

BOS - Back office system

  • Retail fuel service sites management covering all aspects of operations in real-time
  • Pricing and product catalogue
  • All wet stock management functions
  • Employees and shift management
  • Customer management with local accounts

POS - Point of sale

  • Pump and tank real time status and control
  • Dry item sales in the forecourt
  • Integrated part of the BOS


  • Access locally or remotely using any bowser or mobile device
  • Real time view on station operations, sales, inventories, shifts
  • Easily generate report covering all activity aspects

Shift & Attendant Management

  • Shifts configuration
  • Open/close shifts, automatic shifts (option for automatic end of day)
  • Night shift service charge
  • Manage from OPT (on the isle)
  • Cash management  (incl. safe drop)
  • Employee management
  • Bag / dispenser allocation limits
  • Reports: End of day report, Shift reports,
    X & Z reports

Local Account Managament

  • Locally issued and accepted fueling authorization for local fleets
  • Vehicles and drivers
  • Fuel limits and restrictions
    • Daily/weekly/monthly limits
    • Fuel types (to avoid cocktails)
    • Day / time restrictions (e.g. weekends)
  • Discounts

Events & Alarms

  • High water
  • Low volume in tanks
  • Leak detection
  • Communication malfunction
  • Device malfunctioning e.g. pumps
  • Printer - Low/out of paper
  • Price update
  • Shift “open/close” notification
  • Site performance

Price Updates

  • Immediate updates
  • Future dates/times updates (scheduled)
  • Time based discount (happy hour)
  • Price lists with discount per product for local account customers

Fuel Inventory Management

  • Manual stick
  • Auto calibration
  • Complex reconciliation reports
  • Tanks trends
  • Tanks stocks

Dry Stock Goods

  • Via OPT (used as point of sale)
  • Multi warehouse
  • Inventory
  • Deliveries
  • Sales reports and reconciliation