VaporVac Systems

VaporVac Systems

VaporVac® vacuum assist vapor recovery system dispenses fuel 30% faster than typical balance vapor recovery systems.  The equipment is less bulky, so customers will be happy with the easy-to-handle hoses and nozzles.

The VaporVac system meets EPA requirements for Stage II vapor recovery.

  • VaporVac uses pulser signals from the meters to track real time flow rate of gasoline.
  • Customer places the VaporVac nozzle in the vehicle (no bellows to compress).
  • VaporVac pump creates a vacuum that removes vapors from the vehicle's tank.
  • The vapors are returned to the fuel storage tank through standard balance system underground vapor painting.
  • The vapor pump controller regulates pump's speed proportional to fuel flow rate.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory-installed on the Eclipse series
  • One vacuum assist pump per fueling position
  • Compatible with standard Balance System underground vapor return piping

Available on the following new models

  • Blender X+1, 2 sides*
  • Blender X+1, 1 side*
  • MPD Single-Hose, or Blender X+0, 2 sides
  • MPD Single-Hose, or Blender X+0, 1 side

*Note: For Blender X+1, VaporVac is NOT available for the "+1" product (whether diesel or gasoline).


  • Vacuum assist hoses: Dayco, Goodyear, Thermoid
  • Vacuum assist nozzle: OPW II VAI, EMCO A4500, Husky V3
  • Vacuum assist breakaway: OPW 66FLB flow limiter/breakaway, OPW 66CAS
  • Vacuum assist flow limiter: Husky 5837, OPW 66FD