Veefil-RT | 50kW DC Fast Charger

Modular, scalable, and the first of its kind

50kW DC Ultra-Fast Charger

  •  Modular Power units that are single-person operable so they can be easily changed in the field for faster maintaince and imoroved uptime.
  •   Twin Cables to Simultaneously charge two EVs
  •   Built for any enviourment,Thriving in tempratures from -35°C to +50°C(-31°F to +122°F)
  •   Engineered for safety,including standered cable management for hazard reduction
  •   Access to real-time data
    Custom Branding
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World-class support and service from the e-Mobility specialists

  •   Dedicated team of e-Mobility specialists with vast industry experience
  •   Full e-Mobility turnkey solutions and services from initial feasibility assessment through to deployment and ongoing customer support
  •   Predictive maintenance capabilities with the ability to resolve most issues remotely
  •   Europe’s largest field service and technical support network
  •   Proven ability to integrate new systems into existing site infrastructure, including payment/authentication and point of sale platforms
  •   Optional driver and call centre support
Gilbarco Veeder-Root van driving to support retailers