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Insite360 Experience

Easy and intuitive to use cloud-based content management portal designed to drive consumer engagement.

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Insite360 Experience

The cloud-based promotions management platform

Insite360 Experience is a powerful cloud-based content management platform, ready to host a variety of captivating formats such as images and videos. It is intuitive to use, and easy to manage, with powerful audience segmentation, allowing you to create a unique forecourt experience for your customers.

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Drive profitability

Improves communications and promotions of products and services with targeted advertising messages.

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Customer loyalty

Drive consumer engagement and open additional revenue streams through advertising campaigns.

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Communication strategy

Optimise your communication strategy with co-ordinated and timely promotional messages across your network, without on-site intervention.

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Manage remotely

Remotely manage multimedia content, with the cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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Insite360 Experience - The cloud-based promotions management platform


Optimise your promotional content by targeting the right customers.

Promote loyalty programs, announce new services, and upsell high margin c-store products, for a truly personalised consumer experience. With Insite360 Experience, the power is in your hands to drive consumer engagement and ultimately increased revenue.

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Drive consumer engagement

Insite360 Experience is compatible with our FlexPay range of payment terminals, offering you a unique opportunity to engage with your customer during the refuelling process.

  • Deliver engaging and targeted promotions and incentives in real-time
  • Control when and where customer see your content
  • Promote loyalty and rewards programme

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Easy and intuitive to use

Insite360 Experience is the easiest, fastest and most scalable way to manage your promotional content across multiple locations payment terminals.

  • Cloud-based platform for access anywhere, at any time.
  • Centralised library - all your assets on a single platform
  • Multi-language capable
  • Secured platform for a peace of mind
  • Flexible subscription plans - monthly or annual

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Increase profitability

Take advantage of all available revenue streams to maximise profitability. Promote loyalty programs, new product introductions, third-party collaborations or integrate consumer data-insight for a truly personalised content.

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