Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

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Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

We’re activating a culture of belonging.

Our commitment to ID&E

Our ID&E vision is the result of a global collaboration incorporating as many employee voices as possible. To us, “I belong here.” signals our shared journey to deliver the full promise of our vision. 


of businesses say ID&E is an organisational priority.


of organisations are more likely to boosts company reputation.


Increased creativity, innovation and openness.


High diversity environments improve team performance with up to 30%.


Better assessment of consumer interest and demand.

Strategic Pillars to Drive Real Change

Driving real change means driving real action, and ID&E has been a top priority for us since day 1.

To build upon a culture that is embracing of our differences we’ve implemented a series of “Courageous Conversations” across the company. These sessions provide a safe space for employees to share their experiences, thoughts, hopes and fears on the importance of inclusion, diversity and equity.

The themes that emerged from these powerful discussions shaped the strategic pillars that frame our company-wide action plans:

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Building Diverse Teams

Our mission is to recruit, retain and develop a diverse workforce and create an environment where people can do their best work, feel valued, trusted, authentic, and psychologically safe. We believe that an appreciation of individual differences is the key to improve the quality of decisions, spark creativity, align with customer demands, and solving problems faster.

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Communication and Education

Continue to embed and promote open communication streams to effectively develop structures and mechanisms for all stakeholders to have meaningful and sustainable communication and engagement. To ensure diverse perspectives are nurtured and heard and educational platforms are easily accessible to grow and evolve together.

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Disability and Mental Wellbeing

Continue to support and empower individuals with disabilities or mental health conditions to develop their careers within Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

Jason Lund
European Managing Director

The benefits of an inclusive and diverse team to our customers and to our business are clear. Having a team of motivated and empowered individuals all bringing their best and unique skills forward in supporting our customers and one another is how we realize our aspiration of mobilizing the future to create a better world.

Kaarina Mäkynen
European HSE Director

Diversity and Inclusion to me, means respecting and accepting what makes us unique

Om Shankar
European Marketing Director

ID&E runs in our blood at GVR. Our aspiration to mobilize the future is no easy task, but our confidence in getting there is founded upon the unique insight, perspective, and talent of our diverse team members.

ID&E Programs

At Gilbarco Veeder-Root we foster an environment where all perspectives are welcomed and valued. In Europe, we play an active role in various ID&E forums. The ID&E Council is our primary mechanism for driving progress across the business in the form of awareness, skill-building, communication, and community outreach.

Additionally, eight employee resource groups (ERGs) have been formed to create powerful focal points for connection, community, and advocacy. A number of our European Leadership Team play an active part in these ERG steering committees.

Vontier womens guide logo
Vontier Women’s Guide

We cultivate an inclusive environment for growth by providing mentorship, networking, and connection

Vontier Veterans Logo
Vontier Veterans

Vontier Veterans enables the recruitment, networking and community support of Veterans by working alongside all our allies.

Vontier Black Network Logo
Vontier Black Network

To build upon our culture of inclusion by recruiting, and empowering Black employees across all levels of Vontier.

Vontier Pride Logo
Vontier Pride

To increase understanding, connection, and create a sense of community.

Vontier Allies for Inclusion Logo
Vontier Allies for Inclusion

The Vontier Allies for Inclusion ESG is a community of allies across the company that provides education, perspectives and resources to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

Vontier Asian Pacific Islander Network Alliance Logo
Vontier Asian Pacific Islander Network Alliance

The APNA fosters career development, and through education and enrichment opportunities we empower our global team to build the mutually inclusive workplace we envision.

Vontier La Vida! Logo
Vontier La Vida!

La Vida! Is a network of employees that celebrate the Latin cultures, and supports the community to foster achievement, recognition, visibility, and inclusion.

Vontier myAbility Logo
Vontier myAbility

Creating inclusive environments where everyone’s abilities can shine.

We cultivate a culture of belonging

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A captivating story of how Marjo’s experience having multiple roles within GVR has provided her not only with the tools, insights, and knowledge to play an integral part in the success of her career but also realised her intuitiveness towards adaptability and flexibility in the workplace. To be adaptable and flexible when faced with adverse or challenging situations provides the opportunity to grow and to make a difference.

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