Complying with laws and legislation

Insite360 outsourced wetstock management means potential issues are investigated to protect business assets and manage environmental risk effectively. The Advanced Variance Analysis service employs sophisticated algorithms based on many years experience to provide automatic alerts, analysed by expert analysts, and escalated appropriately in a timely manner. Using TLS4 series gauging systems on site provides a powerful local tool to support HSE obligations.

There is such a thing as bad publicity. TLS monitoring systems and Insite360 wetstock services aim to ensure you never suffer the bad publicity or heavy fines resulting from an environmental incident. You can assure your customers and the local community that they are safe, and that you are a responsible operator, retaining their loyalty.

Fuel quality and its composition poses a challenge to accurate metering in the fuel dispensing business today. GVR sets the state of the art selecting measuring technology depending on the type of fuel. Coriolis principle for CNG, electromagnetic measuring for AdBlue and different kind of positive displacement meters conditional on the quality of the fuel guarantee the most accurate dispense on site.

Keeping dispenser meters in tolerance across the network is a challenge. The Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis service identifies over or under dispensing meters, meaning you save money by only making site visits when needed, and preventing fuel being given away.

Our automation solutions are adapted in the different countries to ease the compliance to local fiscal rule and integrate the fuel selling processes with the local fiscal environment

Our FlexPay payment solutions comply with the latest standards for card security (PCI PTS 5 and EMV Lev 1, Lev2) and ensure the state of the art protection for PIN and card holder data.

Components of MID approved equipment are designed to last for > 10 Mio. litres allowing recurring W&M re-certifications on site over the lifetime of a dispenser.

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