The retail fuelling industry's most accurate metering device

  •   Patented design and advanced technology provide precise fuel measurement, minimising fuel losses.
  •   Can be fitted to almost all of our dispenser range
  •   Over 300,000 Ecometers™ installed globally
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  • Over 200 billion litres dispensed
  • More than two decades of documented field performance in over 30 countries
  • Retailers have already saved over 200 million litres in lost fuel


  • Integrated Pulser improves security
  • Advantageous side column location
  • Better protection against tampering, fraud and theft


  • 75% fewer moving parts than traditional piston meters
  • 33% fewer leak points than typical piston meters
  • Precision tolerances for improved meter accuracy


  • Lower maintenance and calibration costs
  • Short payback period