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Insite360 - Advanced Services Suite

Fuel retail, it's time to delight your customers.

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The cloud based IoT platfom delivering powerful analytics and providing enhanced customer experiences.

Insite360 Advanced Services Suite

You've got the data. we'll put it to work

By harnessing the data already collected by your DOMS edge device and applying powerful analytical tools such as AI and machine learning, the Insite360 Advanced Services Suite helps you to future-proof your operation.

Each of our Suite solutions caters to a key aspect of fuel retail, from full asset management of your wetstock and devices, to customer payment platforms. Collectively, they improve customer experience and encourage consumer loyalty - While maximising the profitability of your sites.

Start your journey

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Set existing data to work

Insite360 works by leveraging and optimising your existing site infrastructure to deliver high quality and innovative experiences.

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Turbocharge your performance

Remote monitoring provides your team with the right information at the right time, while remote management ensures operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience.

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Unleash the power of the IoT

With the DOMS forecourt controller, you're already halfway to a future-proofed retail operation. Insite360 capitalises on the rich data generated across your site(s) to take you the rest of the way.

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Capitalise on customer convenience

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, a lost sale due to equipment faults and stock-outs can mean a lost customer. Insite360 helps you create memorable customer experiences while maximising profitability.

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Are you delighting your customers?

In a world of increasing choice and competition, retail businesses must be prepared to move beyond customer satisfaction to delighting customers with enhanced experiences, enabled by the latest technology.

Customer delight can be defined as going above and beyond customer expectations, to create a positive reaction and emotional bond between brand and buyer. Customer delight is intrinsically linked to the success of a business. It fuels loyalty and leads to word of mouth. It distinguishes a brand from the competition. 

The result? Increased sales, profitability, and growth.

How it works

Insite360 gives you complete control

Maximise your business continuity through equipment uptime, giving you control from anywhere, at any time.

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Convert data into value-adding services

  • Deliver enhanced uptime through predictive and proactive maintenance.
  • Ensure adequate inventory levels to meet customer needs.
  • Achieve seamless fuel stock visibility and control, to minimise risk, maximise profitability, and ensure undisrupted site operations
  • Enable new customer services such as mobile payment and loyalty programs for best-in-class customer experience

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Future proof your business

The data required to deliver high quality and innovative experiences is already being generated across your operation. Now is the time to get that data to work for you, in ways you might never have imagined or thought possible.

The Internet-of-things (IoT) promises an exciting world of assets working together to orchestrate best-in-class experiences for your customers. And it's closer than you think.

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Optimise your operations and drive new efficiencies

  • Scales with your business process and systems through web, app and API integrations
  • Ensures data security by avoiding inbound data connections with push-to-cloud

DOMS PSS 5000: The gateway to your connected future

Connect hundreds of current and future devices across your forecourt and c-store.

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Start your journey

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New device intergration
EV chargers

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New device intergration
Coffee vending machines

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Hightened security
Embedded native security engine

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Wireless connection of devices
across your operation

What's new

Our skilled Research and Development Teams across the globe are committed to developing the latest IoT technologies to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to delighting your customers.

Here are just some of the latest new features and functionality to be released from our accelerated product development roadmaps. Don’t forget to check back soon to find out more about our frequent new releases.

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Insite360 Advanced Services Suite is a collection of cloud based IoT platforms revolutionising fuel retail businesses. Each of our Suite solutions caters to a key aspect of fuel retail.

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