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Insite360 Price

The first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine for fuel price optimisation.

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Insite360 Price

Simplifying and optimising fuel prices

Insite360 Price is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) driven engine for fuel price optimisation. It simplifies and optimises fuel prices, so you and your staff can recognise revenue opportunities, focus on new ways to operate, promote customer loyalty, and have peace of mind that the right price is being delivered to the right place, at the right time.

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Improve customer loyalty

Stay relevant and competitive at all times.

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Increase profitability

Insite360 Price helps you to recognise revenue opportunities based on multiple factors.

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Total peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the right price is going to the right location, at the right time.

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Maximise efficiency

Transform your staff from tactical to strategic, focusing on new ways to operate.

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Insite360 Price - The first AI Engine for fuel optimisation


Maximum Flexibility

We get that giving up control to a machine seems scary, so our solutions allows you to make that change at a pace that suits you. Choose from three different strategies for a solution that best meets your business needs.

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Rule Based Solution

Calculates your fuel price by means of several fixed rules. For example, setting a fixed price of 3 cents per litre, higher from a competitor, without having to change it manually.

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Restrictive AI Solution

Instructs Insite360 Price to make an hourly calculation within a pre-set bandwidth. Optimal prices are calculated and can change up to 24 time per day.

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Advanced AI Solution

The most advanced strategy, drawing on powerful machine learning to serve the most optimal price, everytime.

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Expert guidance and support from the partner you can trust

With over 150 years of supplying equipment to fuel retail businesses, no one knows more about equipment performance than we do.

Support with configuring your set-up and customising alarms to you unique needs, leveraging our unrivalled field service experience.

Choice of standard or custom logic model, as well as do-it-yourself or fully managed service.

Free and non-obligation consultations and demos available on request.

How it works

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Dynamic Fuel Pricing

Insite360 Price receives data from over 70 different sources, including external conditions such as traffic and weather.

With this data, the self-learning system makes a total of 7200 connections in order to continually calculate the optimal price.

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