Maximising site efficiency

The Insite360 UpTime app provides alerts on critical site errors, giving to you or your maintenance team the possibility to intervene as early as possible.

Understanding in advance if a site equipment is not performing as expected is fundamental for increasing up-time and avoiding loss of sales due to a pause in operations. Insite360 UpTime is the right tool that collects critical information from your site automation and understands whether terminals, POS and dispensers need preventive maintenance.

Fuel quality and its composition poses a challenge to accurate metering in the fuel dispensing business today. GVR sets the state of the art selecting measuring technology depending on the type of fuel. Coriolis principle for CNG, electromagnetic measuring for AdBlue and different kind of positive displacement meters conditional on the quality of the fuel guarantee the most accurate dispense on site.

Keeping dispenser meters in tolerance across the network is a challenge. The Insite360 Advanced Variance Analysis service identifies over or under dispensing meters, meaning you save money by only making site visits when needed, and preventing fuel being given away.

Our POS solutions leverage our unbeaten experience in the integration of the fuel and shop sales to provide your employees the easiest and efficient tool to operate the tills. Everything is under-control with few touches.

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