Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Maximum savings and control

Fuel logistics efficiency is a key performance indicator for fleet managers. Keeping fleet vehicles fuelled and moving involves authorised, on-site fuelling alongside tight management and monitoring of fuel inventory.

Our Commercial and Industrial Solutions blend software and hardware that enable end-to-end automation and smart management for homebase and fleet depot (Commercial & Industrial) applications. These solutions deliver significant cost savings and operational benefits such as advanced identification and authorisation, as well as remote monitoring and management. Together these provide maximum visibility and control, while increasing fleet efficiency.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Commercial & Industrial solutions are a seamless fit for a wide range of industrial environments and segments, including transportation, logistics, airports, ports, construction and mining, as well as municipalities and commercial fleets.


A wealth of product options allows for a seamless fit in varied environments, while modular and feature rich functionality is tailored to business success.


Embedded, best in class security capabilities keep your fuelling assets and operations safe.

Proven reliability

Our reliable and field proven products are derived from end-to-end solution expertise to ensure your business peace of mind.

Discover our range of commercial and industrial fleet fuelling solutions: