Increasing profit on the forecourt

Today the range of fuels that power our vehicles has substantially grown. Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers dispensers for a vast range of these fuels also in combination for standard fuels that remain in the market.

Adblue® has become an essential operating fluid for all Diesel vehicles to comply with the regulations for reducing harmful emissions. Our dispensers and containers provide a large variety of solutions on the forecourt to meet the increasing demand without creating packaging waste for both cars and trucks.

Quick processing is what consumers expect when they come to a stop at the retail station to fill up their cars. Our dispensers - easy to use - offer flow rates ranging from 40 to 180 l/min. with a number of alternatives available on one and the same dispenser.

Our dispensers are certified for a temperature range from -20°C up to +55°C being able to operate in harsh environments. Additional technology even enables the equipment to deal with temperatures down to -40°C to be at the customers service any time.

Presenting shop promotions on the FlexPay Terminals screens can help in bringing customers ready to buy inside the shop. Self-service terminals are also an effective way of avoiding queuing at the till those customers only interested in fuel. You will deliver the best service to both customer groups.

Multimedia attracts the customers attention when stopping at the dispenser for fueling his car. This moment is a great opportunity to catch the eye for other services on the forecourt, such as the car wash - with a number of promotions offer during the week.

More and more customers are attracted by the innovative experience of paying with their smartphones. Our automation solutions has built-in support with the Insite360 Mobile platform, allowing you to link your existing dipensers to modern payment solutions.

Introducing FlexPay OPTs in your forecourt allows you to continue selling fuel also in the periods when no personnel are available on site. With FlexPay terminals you can achieve 24/7 service availability without increasing costs.

Enhance the level of service provided by your forecourt by offering an engaging experience through the Multimedia Dispenser and the superior interactivity of the  FlexPay Terminals. Get closer to your customers through smartphone apps, linking your forecourt to the Insite360 Mobile platform.

Fuel quality and its composition poses a challenge to accurate metering in the fuel dispensing business today. Coriolis principle for CNG, electromagnetic measuring for AdBlue® and different kind of positive displacement meters conditional on the quality of the fuel guarantee the most accurate dispense on site.

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