Centralised Device Management

Centralised Device Management (CDM)

Defend against catastrophic data loss and create a secure operating environment with the latest software upgrades for your automatic tank gauges.

  •   Keep better control of your network
  •   Protect your site data to ensure proper compliance
  •   Easily troubleshoot site issues
  •   Achieve peace of mind
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Upgrade and Backup ATG Consoles Across Your Network

Centralised Device Management (CDM) is a server-based software package to manage your entire network of sites.

  • Ensure your ATG consoles are always up to date with the latest features and security updates.
  • Perform software upgrades and backups across your console network on your schedule.
  • Back up console data and settings, ensuring you never lose important records.
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Advanced Features

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Keep better control of your network

  •  Automate remote software downloads and upgrades for your entire network.
  •  Set software to automatically download and activate, or manually download and activate at your convenience.
  •  Schedule upgrades around your specific needs.
  •  Group consoles by location, site type, time zone, etc.
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Protect your site data to ensure proper compliance

  •  Automatically backup TLS-450PLUS and TLS4 Series console data for any console in your network.
  •  Use the backup file to configure new build sites.
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Easily troubleshoot site issues

  •  A Console Snapshot captures the database and logs.
  •  Capture a Console Snapshot to provide useful information to Veeder-Root Technical Support.

Centralised Device Manager Overview

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