Increasing profit in the c-store

With our Multimedia Applause Europe solution, the customers focus when arriving on the forecourt to refuel is instead directed to the dispensers screen with an advertising area in the display.
A versatile content management with different messages depending on the phase of the filling process or grade being selected invites the customer to the convenience store to generate extra sales.

Our POS solutions leverage our unbeaten experience in the integration of the fuel and shop sales to provide your employees the easiest and efficient tool to operate the tills. Everything is under control with few touches.

Regardless if you have a single site or a big network of sites, with our Retail Suite you can easily set your promotions and maintain your price books to achieve your profit and revenues goals.

Our BOS/HOS solutions are automatically synchronised with sales and stock movements to help optimise the inventory value and ensuring you wont be out of stock.

Our POS solutions allows selling from unlimited tills. Each till can either be configured to sell fuel and shop/food items or be specialized for a subset of articles and services. Portable POS solutions are also supported to extend the selling experience in the forecourt.

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