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Insite360 UpTime

Proactive asset management, in the cloud.

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Insite360 Uptime

Ensure your dispensers and c-store equipment are fully operational and prevent stock-outs

Insite360 Uptime helps you to monitor and manage all your forecourt and c-store assets on a single platform, with real-time data accessible via a portal or an app.

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Predictive maintenance

Automatic alarm generation, enabling you to act before a problem occurs.

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Increase efficiency

Real-time report on critical events, predictive and proactive interventions

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Hundreds of current forecourt and c-store devices are already supported with many planned for future connectivity.

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Unparalleled Support

The optional Gilbarco Veeder-Root Help Desk Plus service ensures operational continuity of the service station.

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Insite360 Uptime - Minimises equipment downtime and drive customer confidence and loyalty.

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Access real-time data from anywhere, at any time

Reports are displayed in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing users to monitor and easily apply any action when required, to minimise downtime time or stock-outs.

  • Predictive and proactive maintenance and replenishment.
  • Management of user-profiles with selective visibility of station groups.
  • Available with standard or custom logic, as Managed Service or DIY.
  • Configurable automated alarm and alert management service.
  • Continuous monitoring of connectivity status.
  • Remote device interaction, including restart

How it works

Comprehensive connectivity

Integrate your forecourt with all your forecourt devices and services; whether they are situated onsite, or remotely in the cloud. Using a combination of DOMS PSS5000, software architecture and cloud services, Insite360 Uptime is a scalable solution that meets the needs of both the simplest sites and the sophisticated sites of the future.

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