Managing fuel stock safely and efficiently

Gilbarco Veeder-Root's TLS4 series tank gauges provide a great user experience for operators and installers. The large, clear colour touch-screen, intuitive menu, contextual Help and remote accessibility via web browser or free App make for easy access to data. Installers benefit from the Workflow Wizard, which ensures correct system setup. When monitored by Insite360, system configuration integrity is protected and remote diagnostics adds service efficiencies.

Time is money, and many station operators spend much of it manually dipping tanks and investigating unexplained variances. Gilbarco Veeder-Root's wetstock monitoring equipment and services are designed to save you time, through automation and outsourcing.

TLS4 monitoring systems and Insite360 wetstock services can add value to your fuelling operation, enabling multiple efficiencies. Inventory data and more is accessible anytime, anywhere, by anyone within the business who needs it. Automated alerts and reports pro-actively generate management information when it's needed, backed up by expert analysis and issue resolution. Gilbarco Veeder-Root's wetstock solutions give you effective tools and powerful data to successfully manage your business.

Leaks and losses will get discovered eventually, but fast detection is critical to avoid spiralling costs. TLS tank gauges can routinely test tanks and pressure lines and automatically reconcile fuel stock to keep you ahead of the game. Insite360 wetstock services provide the ultimate safeguard against all causes of loss. 24/7 monitoring backed up by expert analysis means variances are investigated as they occur.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root wetstock management solutions offer a number of ways to detect potential thefts. TLS tank gauges can alert site managers to suspect fuel movements when the site is closed and check that delivered fuel compares with invoiced amounts. Additionally, Insite360 24 hour monitoring when the site is active or closed, means that unauthorised fuel movements are notified within a few minutes of occurrence. Fuel deliveries can be matched with BOL data by Insite360, to identify shortfalls.

"Good tank calibration is the corner stone of effective wetstock management. Understanding the causes of variance (the difference between how much fuel you should have and how much is actually there) is key to discovering wetstock issues before they grow into bigger problems. As much as 80% of variance can be attributed to poor tank calibration, which can mask and make it far harder to identify real problems, such as leaks, short deliveries and meter errors.
Gilbarco Veeder-Root offer best in class calibration solutions either available as a feature of the console or our latest cutting edge cloud-based Insite360 QuickChart service, providing fast, highly accurate results with most tank gauges.

There are multiple ways to remotely manage fuel. The TLS4 series of Automatic Tank Gauges can be remotely accessed via smartphone/tablet Apps or web browser. For a complete network view by multiple users, Insite360 Fuel Suite is the perfect solution. An online dashboard provides powerful management information, whilst behind the scenes our expert analysts are ensuring any issues are identified and escalation quickly, to free you from worry.

Efficient fuel logistics relies on availability of accurate, up-to-date information. The first step to centralised control to enable 'push' delivery schedules is to automate tank monitoring - TLS4 systems can facilitate this, and also provide local and email alerts for critical fuel levels. Insite360 logistics services can consolidate data from site, suppliers and operators to increase efficiency and verify deliveries against planned schedules, closing the delivery cycle loop.

Fuel run-outs directly impact the bottom line, but deliveries arriving too early also create delay and add cost. Network visibility on inventory levels through automation helps avoid these issues. For greater control, Insite360 Inventory Forecasting helps schedulers dynamically see the delivery plan is within the moving window for each site - not too early or late.

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