Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) by Orpak

  •   Ultimate speed and simplicity of refuelling
  •   Maximum savings and security for fleets
  •   Proven reliability, worldwide footprint
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Orpak’s patented AVI (Automatic Vechicle Indentification) technology powers the fastest, simplest, and most secure refuelling for millions of vehicles worldwide.

An easily mounted and compact RFID unit placed on the vehicle next to the fuel inlet enables immediate authorisation when the nozzle is inserted into the fuel inlet, while ensuring that fuel only goes into the authorized vehicle’s intended tank.

Orpak AVI was designed through unmatched AVI (Automatic Vechicle Indentification) - experience, including technical and commercial know-how and 7,500,000 vehicles deployed successfully.

The system provides advanced management and reporting capabilities when combined with Orpak’s Fleet Solution.

Ultimate speed and simplicity of use

Orpak AVI eliminates the need for cash, card, or coupon payment and allows self-service refuelling.

The Automatic Vechicle Indentification offers the fastest refuelling experience and with no need for special authorization means, fleets benefit from less dwell time, providing measurable value to fleet managers and owners.

Maximum savings and security for fleets

Automatic Vechicle Indentification ensures that the correct grade of fuel is dispensed solely to the fuel tank of the authorised vehicle. Removing the nozzle and trying to fuel another vehicle immediately suspends fuelling activity.

A 2nd authorisation option (driver tag, PIN, or mobile app) is available for even greater security. Fleet managers can also easily set limitations and restrictions for ultimate control and peace of mind.

Proven reliability, worldwide footprint

Orpak’s AVI is the chosen RFID technology for 7,500,000 vehicles and 40,000 stations worldwide.

Orpak has over 30 years track record of success and innovation. Part of the Gilbarco Veeder-Root group, Orpak offers end-to-end solution expertise for both retail and homebase projects.

Passive RFID Tag for Automatic Vehicle Identification

Passive RFID Tag
Secure chip consisting of encrypted identification and payment information. For any vehicle type.


High runner vehicle identification device with patented removal protection mechanism. For any vehicle type.


An innovative passive RFID vehicle identification tag that contains RFID chip and antenna in one compact unit. Perfect for light vehicles.

Wireless Network Gateway Terminal

Wireless Network Gateway Terminal (WGT)
Offering powerful site coverage, the WGT seamlessly connects the AVI’s components to the Station Controller.

Data Unit

Data Units
Optional compact transmitters that connect to the vehicle’s on-board computer to run diagnostics and report efficiency data. Available for both private/light vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles.

Nano Nozzle Reader for Automatic Vehicle Identification

Nano Nozzle Reader
A compact, self-contained nozzle reader that reads Orpak’s RFID tags and wirelessly transmits data to the station for refuelling authorisation. Compatible with all common fuel nozzles.