Success Story: Confidence To Grow - Hayley Hoffmann

Hayley Hoffmann

Success Story: Confidence To Grow - Hayley Hoffmann

Hayley's Success Story

There are so many roles, opportunities, and lessons that I feel I have been given the opportunity to experience during my time at Gilbarco but let me start at the beginning. In 2003 I joined a company in South Africa called AFS Group which was bought by Gilbarco in 2013.

I started a position managing the Information and Reporting division, which involved our Mining and Government customers, where we expanded this division to include both analysts and consultants.

I have such good memories walking around the sites, meeting the customers, implementing change management for new wetstock management projects, putting together many standardised and tailor-made reports, doing training and presentations on how to interpret equipment alarms, and managing wetstock more efficiently.

We later expanded this division to include Oil Company forecourts, and the local Wetstock Services Management team was born, where we added remote diagnostics to our team’s portfolio. Amongst other roles that I stepped into, were National Key Account Manager for Forecourts (managing all Oil Company contracts), Services Manager, and VMI Operations Manager.

There was many a time where I felt somewhat daunted by some of the tasks at hand, but I remember lecturing myself to just be my authentic self and believe all things are possible with effort, teamwork, and knowledge, one step at a time.

Having to speak at a conference on Wetstock Management was one of those daunting times. Being invited to be part of Anglo Platinum’s Diesel Energy Conservation forum was another.

One thing I will attest to is that knowledge is power, where the knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to grow. On a personal front, as a family, we then decided to immigrate to the United Kingdom.

When I approached Gilbarco with my plans, a wonderful opportunity presented itself within the Finance division as Credit Control Supervisor for EU/ CIS&CEE. I felt that this would be a good opportunity to build on my financial knowledge and was so grateful for the company’s support in allowing me this opportunity.

I have learned so much in this role in the two years that I have been here, where I am now presently studying for my CICM qualification, and look forward to further growing and expanding my knowledge within this inspiring team.